Do your part

As you may well know, Pres. Trump’s State of the Union speech was Tuesday, and it was yet another speech where he failed to address one of the biggest issues on our planet today: The climate. President Trump, and many of those who support him, are unwilling to admit that their profiteering off of and degradation of the environments their companies operate in are not only harmful to the humans and the wildlife in the area, but also to the long-term business serviceability of the areas in question.

I am Sam Fauth, currently a freshman at HRVHS, and I believe that our administration needs a change. We can’t simply keep accepting that our world will eventually become uninhabitable if we can do something about it, even if it is just delaying it (for millions of years, I might add).

Also, for all you climate change deniers out there, think about this: Worst case scenario, climate change does exist, we save the human race. Best case scenario, we clean up the planet a little and put into place some legislation that prevents corporations from profiteering off of the very soil you live on.

I urge you; vote in 2020! And don’t vote just for your party, or for how your family has voted in the past. Vote for the future! Vote for the life of my generation and the generations after, as this is an urgent issue that needs to be addressed.

Do your part.

Sam Fauth

Hood River

Author congrats

Congratulations to two Hood River authors who have both been nominated for the 2020 Oregon Book awards.  They are Gabriel Urza, for “The White Death: An Illusion,” published by Nouvella and nominated for the Ken Kesey award for Fiction, and Nancy Richardson Fischer, for “When Elephants Fly,” published by Harper Collins/ Inkyard Press and nominated for the Leslie Bradshaw award for Young Adult Literature. The winners will be announced in April. I don’t know either of these authors and I haven’t yet read their books, but I am so pleased that the work of two writers from our town have been recognized by the Literary Arts association as outstanding books.

Pat Evenson-Brady

Hood River


It’s my observation that there are two types of households in Hood River.

Households which store their green, blue, and black roll-cart garbage bins out of sight before pick-up day, and households that leave them out front of their home all week long.

Mike Stroud

Hood River

Senators: Stay and work

Oregon’s short legislative session of 35 days started this Monday, Feb. 3, and there are many important bills for legislators to work through. They can’t do that if they walk out, as they have again suggested they might, putting partisan games above the jobs for which they were elected and above the needs of their constituents.

When HB 2020, the climate bill, was introduced last year, Republican senators walked out to prevent a vote, and far-right militia groups made threats that closed down the Capitol. Democratic leaders and Gov. Kate Brown abandoned the bill to finish the session. This year, GOP Senators are indicating that if another climate bill is introduced, they may walk out again.

This is NO WAY to act as an elected official. If Sen. Chuck Thomsen and his Republican Senate colleagues do not want to do the work of governing, staying in place, discussing, negotiating, doing the best they can for their constituents, they should get out of those positions and make way for real, functioning representatives.

We can and will help with their retirements, if needed.

Linda Densmore

Hood River 

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