Library announces Odell bus service

COUSINS Kayo Bridges, right, and Abigail Bridges, both 4, of Hood River, explore the stacks Thursday and find the “Discover America” books. Opening the Iowa book, Kayo said, “Look, it’s farmers!” The book Abigail was about to open? You guessed it — New Hampshire.

Hood River Library District begins a new service on Feb. 13 — a twice-monthly bus from Odell to the downtown Hood River Library.

The bus will run on the second and fourth Saturdays. Anyone may ride the bus and use the library or do other things downtown.

Kids will be provided free books and the library plans a variety of special events including a fourth-Saturday film and a raffle of the book.

On Feb. 27, the film will be “Winnie the Pooh” (2015).

The bus will leave Odell at 10 a.m. at the Oregon Child Development Coalition building next to Mid Valley Market, and leave Hood River Library at 1 p.m.

Light refreshments will be provided along with programs. In March, youth specialist Harley Judd will organize a FIFA PlayStation tournament on one of the bus days — though any youth is eligible to participate, no matter how they get to the library.

A Ready To Read Grant from the Oregon Library Department helps fund the program.

“The purpose is to try to get the Odell community into the Library for programs we have, such as Storytime,” said Yeli Boots, children services librarian.

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