On May 3, the City of Hood River received notice of a prospective local initiative to amend the City Charter to require a public vote to dispose of city parks, it announced Monday via press release.

Chief petitioner is Susan Crowley, who has advocated for years against the city’s sale of Morrison Park and its rezoning to allow for housing.

Measure No. 14-67’s caption would read, “Amendment to the city charter regarding disposal of city park,” and ask voters:

“Shall Hood River revise its charter to prohibit the disposal of any city park land without a public vote?

Under state rules, the city reviewed the prospective petition for compliance with constitutional and other legal requirements, drafted the ballot title, and has advertised the proposed ballot title in the Hood River News and on the city website.

Mayor Paul Blackburn stated, “While I respect the petitioner’s right to engage in the initiative process, I also maintain the integrity of the council’s very complex decision to rezone 2.76 acres of a 10-acre park for affordable, income-restricted housing.”

Barring challenges, petitioners plan to collect signatures to place the proposed amendment on the Nov. 5 ballot.

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Excuse-me? 1) Chief petitioner is not Susan Crowley; 2) Mayor is not saying the truth about how much of the park is being developed. Actually 55% of Lot 700 - Morrison Park is being rezoned, so it can then be sold for $1 and then developed. 3) The initiative is not about Morrison Park, but about protecting ALL our parks from disposed of.

Jim Klas

Either the Mayor is once again misrepresenting the facts.....Morrison Park under discussion Lot #700 is roughly 5 acres not 10 acres and even part of that is located across the street in the skatepark. According to the Mayor he thinks Goal 8 includes high density housing…what do you think?

To satisfy the recreational needs of the citizens of the community and visitors to the area.
Existing park sites will be protected from incompatible uses and future expansion alternatives at some sites will be developed.

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