All calls were responded to within the City of Hood River.
Assaults, harassment, menacing and domestic violence:
March 3 — 10th and Cascade — Officer responded to a report of an active assault. The male suspect was located by the officer and a deputy. Three females were walking home from the downtown area and were attacked by a local transient.
The male was highly intoxicated and combative. The male was taken into custody for three counts of assault IV, three counts of harassment, and disorderly conduct.
March 6 — Oak Street — Officer responded to a possible fight in progress. Upon investigation, two males were placed into custody. The first was cleared medically and lodged at NORCOR on charges of assault II, menacing and disorderly conduct. The second was cited and released for assault IV and disorderly conduct II.
March 9 — Sherman Avenue — Officer responded to a domestic assault. The female was arrested and lodged at NORCOR on the charge of domestic violence IV.
Disorderly conduct, mischief, criminal trespass and vandalism:
March 4 — I-84 at milepost 62 — Male transient arrested for disorderly conduct after he attempted to get into two separate physical confrontations with other transient males.
March 4 — The Hook — Rear window and driver side rearview window reported to have been broken out in a parking lot.
March 5 — Sherman Avenue, 1100 block — Resident arrested for criminal trespass II.
March 6 — Adrienne Lane, 3200 block — Female resident cited and released for criminal trespass II.
March 7 — Cascade Avenue, 2100 block — Female reported to be causing a disturbance in a local business. The same female was then reported a short time later to be disrupting traffic while standing in the roadway. She was located and arrested for disorderly conduct.
Driving under the influence of intoxicants:
March 3 — Hood River — Male arrested for driving under the influence of intoxicants. He was cited and released to his mother.
March 9 — Hood River — Oregon female arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.
Motor vehicle crashes, offenses and impounds:
March 6 — Seventh and Sherman — Officer took a report of a motor vehicle accident. It was reported that a vehicle hit a telephone pole and the pole was laying over the car.
March 6 — Second Street, 200 block — Hit and run reported to have occurred the previous day.
March 7 — Hood River — Non-injury traffic crash reported.
March 7 — Rand near Sherman — Traffic crash reported. A truck was unable to slow down due to icy conditions and struck a power pole. The vehicle as damaged and was towed from the scene.
Outstanding warrants, parole, probation or terms violations:
March 4 — Mollie Avenue, 700 block — Male contacted regarding an active arrest warrant. The male was lodged at NORCOR for failure to appear on a DUII.
March 4 — Freedom Drive, 2300 block — Male contacted regarding an active warrant for his arrest. The male was lodged at NORCOR on a local warrant.
March 5 — Hood River — Officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for a traffic violation. The male driver said he was not carrying any identification on him. The officer was given a false name by him and a female passenger. The male ultimately was found to have an outstanding warrant for his arrest. The male was charged with failure to carry and present a license, giving false information, and the warrant. The female passenger was also taken into custody for hindering prosecution.
March 6 — State Street, 300 block — Male arrested for burglary I, a restraining order violation and a probation violation.
Theft, burglary or robbery:
March 3 — Wasco Avenue, 2700 block — Robbery reported.
March 5 — Hope Avenue, 1600 block — Officer responded to a local apartment complex for a male violating his probation and trespassing. The male fled the scene prior to the officer’s arrival (burglary).
March 5 — June Street, 2400 block — A parking enforcement officer checked on an illegally parked vehicle and learned it was stolen. The vehicle was recovered and secured at the city’s impound yard.
March 7 — Pacific Avenue, 900 block — Stolen vehicle reported. The vehicle was later found and recovered.
March 7 — Ninth Court, 1600 block — Stolen vehicle reported.
March 7 — Sieverkropp Drive, 900 block — Stolen bicycle reported.

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