Michael Lynn Zeman, 54, and Reline Mae Robles Hahoylahoy, 22, both of Hood River, on Jan. 2.

Kendra Shea Dobash, 22, of Mt. Hood-Parkdale, and Jesse David Davis, 22, of Bingen, on Jan. 12.

Pablo Moreno Canchola, 29, of Hood River, and Gabriela Cancino Medina, 28, of Parkdale, on Jan. 16.

Matthew Vincent Wilkinson, 33, and Rachel Anne Hallett, 41, of Mosier, on Jan. 16.

Jeffrey Steven Zorza, 44, of Hood River, and Trinity Lynn Hamilton, 33, of The Dalles, on Jan. 16.

Michael Ross Anderson, 39, and Sarah Jeanne Ownby, 35, both of Hood River, on Jan. 18.

Rodrigo Ricardo Silva Ceja, 45, and Maria Isabel Medina Valdez, 39, both of Hood River, on Jan. 19.

Jeremy Paul Phillips, 33, and Kelsey Leigh Goodell, 27, both of Hood River, on Jan. 24.

Amy Leanne Esnard, 43, and Shane Bennett Wilson, 45, both of Hood River, on Jan. 26.

Griselda Marquez, 28, of Hood River, and Guillermo Cid Pacheco, 30, of Mosier, on Jan. 26.

Damaso Trejo Alvarado, 59, and Aurora Martinez de Trejo, 56, both of Hood River, on Jan. 29.

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