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Architect’s vision for Sahale lodge at Mt. Hood Meadows.

Mt. Hood Meadows has announced plans to begin construction on a new commercial building this summer that will significantly improve the resort experience for guests, said a Meadows press release.

Sahale (Suh-Holly) is a 23,500 square foot building that will house the Meadows Learning Center, ski and snowboard rental center and a new 10,000 square-foot restaurant.

The $15 million building will be constructed over the next two seasons with a grand opening targeted for Christmas 2020. Sahale will be constructed adjacent to the South Lodge in the main base area, and is the first significant commercial improvement at Meadows since the South Lodge expansion in 1999.

With Sahale, existing space in the North and South lodges will be reutilized to accommodate more guests for dining. Sahale and the existing space redesign will increase lodge seating by 900 — a 60 percent increase over what Meadows currently offers, said the press release, addressing one of the main complaints guests have — finding seating for dining on busy days in overly-crowded lodges.

Meadows will also address another key area this summer, adding two acres of overflow parking and an additional 250 spaces for peak days. This is the first phase of a Nordic Lot project that eventually will pave the entire eight acre lot.

“This is a very aggressive schedule, as Meadows has other vital CAPEX projects we need to address,” said the press release. “In addition to the regular lift and facilities maintenance projects, Meadows will continue investment in snow removal equipment and summer trail maintenance to improve capabilities to open the season with a relatively small amount of natural snow.”

In order to raise the funds needed to break ground on Sahale this summer, Meadows is making a limited, initial offering of 1,250 Sahale Gold Memberships. This is a five-year season pass that must be purchased by May 31 and provides All Access Pass privileges to Meadows through the 2024/25 season. The Sahale Gold Membership price will be announced when it goes on sale April 1, along with next year’s season passes.

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