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Mayor Paul Blackburn and Council President Kate McBride at the Aug. 12 meeting.

Mayor Paul Blackburn received the key to the city at Monday’s Hood River City Council meeting, his last as mayor after years serving as mayor and council member.

Blackburn was honored at a Monday afternoon reception at the Hood River Fire Hall, prior to the council meeting. He is moving to Washington, D.C., next month.

Blackburn handed over the gavel Monday to Council President Kate McBride, who by city by-law will serve as Mayor Pro Tem until a new mayor is appointed on Sept. 23.

The council will interview McBride and Ed Wilder of Hood River, the two people to apply for appointment to fill out the remaining 15 months of Blackburn’s current term.

Also on the council agenda:

A presentation on the Hood River County Community ID Card program, from executive director Janet Hamada of The Next Door Inc., the agency working with Hood River County to administer the new program.

Also, Peter Cornelison presented information on the second annual Streets Alive event, Sept. 29 on the Heights, with pedestrian and other multi-modal transportation promotion as well as art, music and activities.

Walking and biking paths will bring partial street closures for the day, along with temporary “demonstration” projects including bike lanes on 12th Street, Taylor Street, and “bulb-out” pedestrian access at 12th and Pine streets.

The first Streets Alive happened in September 2018.

Oregon Department of Transportation has since updated some crosswalks on the Heights. Meanwhile, the Heights Urban Renewal Advisory Council and Board are working with a consultant on long-range streetscape and other improvements to pedestrian and vehicle access on the Heights.

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Furthermore, Hood River News is notorious for censoring public input and constructive criticism. This forum lacks integrity, which is why nobody uses it. [unsure]


Say there folks, please pardon the formatting script of this forum as there still seems to be a few technical bugs to be worked out before this platform can be used appropriately. [huh]


..."every picture tells a story don't it?"

In commemoration of Mayor Blackburn's tenure of service to the citizens of Hood River, as well as constituent resident's throughout the greater Columbia River Gorge, Jason Garrett Gibson was in attendance along representatives of Hood River City Government at the fire station on August 26th, 2019. Jason also presented himself with intent to run as a candidate for the interim Mayoral seat. The Mayor challenged Jason's application based on a claim that it was not submitted in a timely fashion; Mr. Gibson countered the claim. Ms. Kim Kean - Chief Deputy Director/Elections Supervisor also seems to have taken a personal interest in disqualifying the candidate.

Mr. Kirby Neumann-Rea was in attendance covering the event on behalf of Hood River News and took several photographs. Jason had a brief discussion with Mr. Neumann-Rea who questioned the validity of Jason application based on a residency requirement. Mr. Gibson assured Mr. Neumann that according to the rules specified in the City Charter, Jason's application qualified for the seat. Mr. Neumann agreed to run a press review and apparently chose otherwise.

For more insight, search "The City Council update: Blackburn passes on the gavel, leaders hear Streets Alive is canceled" by Kirby Neumann-Rea Aug 27, 2019.


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