The Hood River Valley High School FRC Robotics team A05 Annex competed at the World Championships in Houston, April 18-21.

The A05 Annex robot, “Neil Strongarm,” performed well, but had technical difficulties in two matches, which eliminated them from the competition, ending the season for Team A05. 

The day after arrival the team unpacked its 125-pound robot and got to work. By the end of the day, the robot was assembled, programmed and ready to compete. The next two days, the team had 10 matches. The competition was fierce, with 400 teams from 60 different countries competing, according to advisor Jeff Blackman.

During Saturday’s awards ceremony, Team A05 won the Judges Award, given to only three out of the 400 teams at Worlds.

During the course of the competition, the judging panel may decide a team’s unique efforts, performance, or dynamics merit recognition. The guidelines for this are:

The team keeps appearing for consideration for other awards.

Other Judges have noticed and commented on the positive aspects of the team.

A unique happening or feature (often one that demonstrates the team has fully embraced the principles of ​FIRST) has caught a judge’s attention.

Blackman said, “The award recognized the students’ efforts to connect with the community with STEM outreach and engineering mentors. STEM outreach includes the Fab Bus, STEM nights at elementary schools, engineering fair and Migrant summer school.”

He added, “The team would like to thank all of their mentors, coaches and sponsors.  Special thanks to Cardinal Glass, Intel, Collins Aerospace, Hogg and Davis, Sierra Olympic, Power 4 Flight, Impact Inc, AUVSI, Hood River Valley Leo’s Club, Rotary Club of Hood River and the Gorge Tech Alliance.”

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