pFriem Family Brewers has plans to open a second facility in Cascade Locks, in addition to its anticipated improvement projects at its Hood River location. pFriem intends to use the Cascade Locks space for barrel aged beer production and as a warehouse facility.

“Their (pFriem’s) process down here will be a bit different than it is in Hood River,” said Don Mann, economic development manager for the Port of Cascade Locks, at an economic development sub-committee meeting held on Jan. 2. Mann was referring to the fact that pFriem will not be brewing in Cascade Locks, and the proposed new building is primarily a warehouse with some office space.

The Port of Cascade Locks’ current focus is “building the community to be economically viable in itself” by bringing in jobs and businesses, said General Manager Paul Koch in an earlier interview, adding that the community has added approximately 85 new jobs in the last 10 years and plans to continue that growth.

The port has a number of significant economic development projects in the works, including several new businesses planning to move in and a few established businesses with plans to expand; but “the pFriem project is kind of first and foremost right now,” Mann said.

The port is currently working with developers to get budget estimates for the construction of pFriem’s proposed building and will hopefully have a bid package ready by the end of February. Ideally, Mann said, the facility could be ready to go by the end of 2019.

pFriem’s expansion to Cascade Locks intertwines with the company’s scheduled improvement projects to its Hood River facility, located in the Halyard building off of Portway Avenue. pFriem recently signed Memorandums of Understanding — official, non-binding agreements that identify and confirm the intent of two parties — with the ports of both Hood River and Cascade Locks concerning their planned improvement and expansion projects.

Rudy Kellner, pFriem co-founder, said the company intends to release more detailed information about their growth in both Hood River and Cascade Locks within the next few weeks.

pFriem Family Brewers first opened in August 2012 and has since become a Hood River landmark, with a number of awards to its name and distribution sites throughout Oregon and Washington, expanding into Nevada and California.

“For a business that is less than seven years old, pFriem has followed an incredible growth curve. We are now over 80 employees strong and have developed plans to continue our growth,” said Ken Whiteman, pFriem co-founder, in a previous email.

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