All calls were responded to within the City of Hood River.

Outstanding warrants, parole, probation or terms violations:

Aug. 29 — Second Street, 200 block — Male arrested for a valid warrant out of Hood River County.

Aug. 30 — Hood River — Restraining order violation reported.

Aug. 31 — Hood River — Possible restraining order violation reported.

Theft, burglary or robbery:

Aug. 17 — Wasco Avenue, 2700 block — Shoplifter reported. The female suspect was cited and released for theft III.

Aug. 19 — Wasco Avenue, 2700 block — Female arrested for theft III and possession of heroin. In the same incident, a male was arrested for driving while misdemeanor suspended.

Aug. 31 — Wasco Avenue, 2700 block — Shoplifting reported. This theft was related to another that happened a few days later involving some of the same suspects.

Aug. 31 — Wasco Avenue, 2700 block — Officer contacted the loss prevention department of a local business on a reported theft.

Sept. 2 — Wasco Avenue, 2700 block — Theft III reported.

Sex offenses:

Aug. 28 — Hood River — Officer responded to a call from a mandatory reporter regarding a disclosure of a possible rape that occurred somewhere in the county within the last three weeks.


Aug. 16 — Seventh Street, 100 block — Vehicle with Washington plates was towed for blocking a Hood River resident’s driveway. It was not parked in a parking space.

Aug. 25 — Cascade Avenue — Officer responded to a residence on a welfare check of a minor female lying on the ground and crying. Upon investigation, the child was lying on the ground, upset, because she did not want to go home. The mother tried to escort the child home, but the child refused to go.

Aug. 26 — Wilson Street — Citizen reported an abandoned bicycle in the bushes.

Aug. 27 — Hope Avenue, 1600 block — Runaway juvenile reported.

Aug. 29 — Columbia Street, 500 block — Officer took possession of a found bike for safe keeping.

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