All calls were responded to within the city of Hood River.

Controlled substance violations (non-DUII):

June 16 — Westcliff and Exit 62 — Officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for failing to maintain its lane of travel. The female driver was extremely nervous and did not have any form of identification on her. The vehicle was searched by consent and a syringe along with methamphetamine was found. The female was ultimately cited and released for Possession of Methamphetamine.

June 16 — State Street, 300 block — A drug evaluation was performed on a motorist suspected of operating a motor vehicle under the influence of multiple controlled substances. Referred to District Attorney’s office.

Disorderly conduct, mischief, criminal trespass and vandalism:

June 22 — Waco Avenue, 2700 block — Officer dispatched to a local retail store regarding a male in the parking lot who broke a window on a vehicle. Contact was made with the male subject, who was identified as an adult under 21 years of age. The male admitted to damaging the vehicle and of consuming alcohol prior to doing so. He was arrested for Criminal Mischief 1 and cited for Minor in Possession of Alcohol by consumption.

Driving under the influence of intoxicants:

June 16 — Hood River — Male arrested for Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants (Narcotics), Reckless Driving, and Unlawful Possession of Heroin.

June 19 — Hood River — A male was arrested for DUII. The male provided two breath samples and the final BAC showing over twice the legal limit.

June 19 — Hood River — An adult male was arrested on the charge of DUII-Alcohol. A subsequent breath test revealed the adult male to have a BAC above the legal limit.

June 20 — Hood River — A resident of Hood River was arrested on the charge of DUII- Controlled Substance. During sobriety testing, the Hood River resident exhibited numerous signs of impairment.

June 20 — Cascade Avenue — A resident of Damascus, Oregon was arrested and lodged at NORCOR on the charge of DUII-Alcohol. The breath test results for the Damascus resident showed a BAC to be above the legal limit.

Motor vehicle crashes, offenses and impounds:

June 16 — Wasco Street, 1300 block — Hit and run which resulted in damage to a vehicle reported.

June 17 — Hood River Toll Bridge — Report taken of a Hit & Run which occurred at the Hood River Toll Bridge.

June 18 — Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital — Report of a traffic crash involving a car and pedestrian.

June 19 — Pacific and 9th Street— Officer responded to a non-injury traffic crash.

June 19 — Cascade Avenue, 300 block — Ford Van with Texas Registration, white in color, was towed/impounded for unpaid parking tickets.

June 22 — Hood River — Officer responded to a motor vehicle accident in which two passing vehicles hit side mirrors. This resulted in vehicle damage and one driver sustaining minor cuts from the glass.

Outstanding warrants, parole, probation or terms violations:

June 16 — Cascade Avenue, 3400 block — Officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle regarding two traffic violations. During the course of the traffic stop, it was discovered the male driver has a current warrant issued out of Washington State. The male was taken into custody and lodged into NORCOR for the warrant. The male was also issued a citation for driving while suspended and a lighting violation.

June 21 — Cascade Avenue, 2200 block — A resident of Hood River was arrested and lodged at NORCOR on an outstanding Oregon State Parole Board warrant.

June 22 — 16th Street, 1600  block — Male resident arrested for an outstanding warrant. He was transported to NORCOR, where he was later released due to medical conditions.

June 22 — I-84 Westbound, Exit 62 — A resident of Florence, Oregon was arrested and lodged at NORCOR on a Statewide arrest warrant.

Theft, burglary or robbery:

June 16 — Wasco Avenue, 2700 block — Officer responded in regards to a female and male couple taking a car battery out of a local retail store without buying it. Both subjects have been identified and a warrant has been requested.

June 16 — Wasco Avenue, 2700 block — Shoplifting which occurred earlier in the day at a local retail store was reported. No suspects at this time.

June 16 — Wasco Avenue, 2700 block — Report taken of a shoplifting which occurred on June 9 at a local retail store.

June 17 — Wasco Avenue, 2700 block — Officer responded to a local retail business in regards to a male who took some alcohol from the store and consumed it without paying for it. The male was located inside the store and ultimately discovered to have taken other various items. A search discovered a concealed weapon which was unlawful for him to possess. During the course of arrest, the male spit in the face of an assisting officer. The male was arrested for Theft 2, Aggravated Assault and Felon in Possession of a Weapon. He was lodged in NORCOR.

June 18 — 22nd Street, 1100 block — Report of a possible burglary attempt at a residence. It was reported the back glass slider door appeared to have been damaged during an attempt to take it off its tracks.


June 16 — Lincoln Street, 1000 block — Information report taken from a neighbor who reported concerning behavior of another neighbor.

June 17 — 12th Avenue, 1700 block — Hood River man charged with child neglect and referred to the Oregon Department of Human Services.

June 19 — Eugene Street, 700 block — Officer dispatched to an unknown medical situation.

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