All calls were responded to within the City of Hood River.

Assaults, harassment, menacing and domestic violence:

Jan. 5 — Ninth Street — Officer responded to a report of a male yelling at his teenage daughter (harassment/threats).

Disorderly conduct, mischief, criminal trespass and vandalism:

Jan. 5 — Second Street, 200 block — Two males were cited for disorderly conduct II.

Identity theft or bank/credit card fraud:

Jan. 7 — 12th Street, 1800 block — Forgery of a bottle return receipt reported.

Motor vehicle crashes, offenses and impounds:

Jan. 5 — Wasco Avenue, 2700 block — Officer responded to a traffic crash. One vehicle was exiting a parking lot and entered the roadway in front of another vehicle. Both vehicle operators were cited for traffic violations. Injuries were also reported.

Jan. 7 — Oak Street, 500 block — Hit and run reported. A vehicle was damaged by another vehicle. The suspect vehicle did not stay on scene or give any information to the victim.

Jan. 10 — Hood River — Non-injury traffic crash reported.

Jan. 11 — E. Marina Drive, 1100 block — Hit and run reported.

Outstanding warrants, parole, probation or terms violations:

Jan. 6 — I-84 at milepost 61 — Officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for failure to maintain lane of travel. There was also a male passenger laying in the backseat with his seatbelt not worn properly. The male passenger was ultimately arrested for providing false information to a police officer and an outstanding felony warrant from Washington State.

Theft, burglary or robbery:

Jan. 5 — Wasco Avenue, 2700 block — Theft reported.

Jan. 6 — Cascade Avenue, 1300 block — Theft from a motor vehicle reported.

Jan. 6 — Cascade Avenue, 1500 block — Some personal belongings of a local resident were found discarded in a trash can. The owner was located on Jan. 7, and it was discovered the items were taken from his vehicle, along with $25, which was not recovered.

Jan. 7 — Eugene Street, 2100 block — Theft of a chainsaw from the back of a parked truck reported.

Jan. 7 — Sherman Avenue, 1200 block — Car prowl reported, in which a large, black leather trench coat was stolen. The victim advised it happened sometime on Jan. 4.

Jan. 7 — Wasco Avenue, 2700 block — Stolen wallet reported from a customer at a local business.

Jan. 11 — Wasco Avenue, 2700 block — Transient male arrested for shoplifting various items from a retail business. The male was lodged at NORCOR on the charge of theft II.


Jan. 8 — Belmont Avenue, 1700 block — Officer responded to a report of a CPR in progress. The 84-year-old resident could not be resuscitated.

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