All calls were responded to within the City of Hood River.

Assaults, harassment, menacing and domestic violence:

Aug. 2 — E. Marina Drive — A Washington resident as arrested for assault and disorderly conduct after initiating a fight in a marina business parking lot.

Aug. 9 — Cascade Avenue — Assault reported, in which the suspect fled the scene.

Controlled substance violations (non-DUII):

Aug. 6 — Hood River — A resident of The Dalles was arrested and lodged at NORCOR for unlawful use of a motor vehicle, reckless driving, possession of methamphetamine and attempting to elude. The vehicle was secured in the city impound lot.

Aug. 7 — Cascade Avenue, 3600 block — A resident of The Dalles was arrested, then released, on the charges of possession and distribution of methamphetamine. In the same incident, a Hood River resident was arrested and lodged at NORCOR on a post-prison sanction violation.

Aug. 8 — Cascade Avenue, 2600 block — Male arrested for outstanding warrants and possession of methamphetamine and heroin after he was called in on a welfare check at a local fast food restaurant.

Aug. 10 — Cascade Avenue, 3100 block — Stevenson resident arrested and lodged at NORCOR on two outstanding arrested warrants out of Hood River County, felony possession of methamphetamine, giving false information to a police officer and failure to carry and present a driver’s license.

Driving under the influence of intoxicants:

Aug. 4 — Hood River — Officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for failing to maintain its lane of travel. After conducting field sobriety tests, the male driver was taken into custody for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Aug. 5 — Hood River — A 19-year-old male was arrested for driving under the influence of intoxicants.

Aug. 5 — Hood River — Hood River male arrested for driving under the influence of intoxicants.

Aug. 8 — Hood River — Male arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Aug. 9 — Avalon Way, 1900 block — California male arrested for driving under the influence of intoxicants.

Motor vehicle crashes, offenses and impounds:

Aug. 5 — I-84 at milepost 51 — Male arrested for reckless driving and giving false information to a police officer. He was lodged at NORCOR.

Aug. 5 — Hood River Bridge — Non-injury traffic crash reported.

Aug. 5 — Button Bridge Road — Officer responded to a two-person, non-injury motor vehicle crash near the toll bridge.

Aug. 5 — Ninth and Pacific — Non-injury and non-blocking traffic crash reported.

Aug. 9 — Industrial Street, 600 block — Hit and run reported.

Aug. 10 — Hazel Avenue, 2800 block — Officer dispatched to a two car, non-injury traffic crash.

Outstanding warrants, parole, probation or terms violations:

Aug. 2 — I-84 at exit 63 — A warrant was requested for a male operator and female passenger on a motorcycle who failed to yield to an emergency vehicle in order to elude capture.

Aug. 2 — W. Cascade Avenue — A warrant request was forwarded for the arrest of a Hood River resident on the charges of vehicle elude, reckless driving and reckless endangering. The Hood River resident was eventually located and arrested in Washington State.

Aug. 3 — I-84 at milepost 64 — Male arrested for violating his protection order.

Theft, burglary or robbery:

July 29 — Wasco Street, 2700 block — Officer took a report of $750 being taken out of a purse (unauthorized entry into a motor vehicle).

July 30 — Wasco Street, 2700 block — A stolen vehicle was recovered at a local business.

Aug. 1 — Belmont Avenue, 1800 block — Stolen vehicle reported. The vehicle had been parked in a church parking lot. The vehicle was unsecured and the keys were in it.

Aug. 2 — Cascade Avenue, 900 block — Stolen bicycle reported.

Aug. 2 — Port Marina Park — Officer took a report of personal items stolen out of an unattended vehicle.

Aug. 2 — Cascade — Officer took a report of a missing front registration plate on a vehicle.

Aug. 7 — Montello — Officer took a report of unauthorized entry into a motor vehicle and the theft of an impact wrench.


Aug. 3 — Cascade Avenue, 1900 block — Wallet found and placed into found property.

Aug. 7 — State Street, 500 block — Officer took a report of a large limb that had broken off a tree in front of the library. The limb landed on a couple of vehicles, causing little to no damage.

Aug. 8 — Second Street, 200 block — A motorist traveling I-84 near Rowena picked up a box containing miscellaneous shelving after it was lost during a commute.

Aug. 9 — B Street — Hood River male reported his ex-partner was not following the parent plan set by the courts.

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