June 3 to July 1

Joseph Saifeddin Ihmoda, 31, of Underwood, and Natali Reyes Alcantar, 30, of Hood River, on June 3.

Kevin Anthony Clark, 24, of Parkdale, and Angela Marie Engle, 20, of Hood River, on June 4.

Joseph Jon Lanier, 55, and Carrie Louise Keeley, 64, both of Hood River, on June 4.

Rachel Ann Petit, 25, and Thomas Kevin Patrick Neher, 26, both of Oklahoma City, Okla., on June 4.

William Robert Aman, 39, of Bremerton, Wash., and Lora Catherine Weatherly, 34, of Hood River, on June 8.

Mercedez Marie Dallman, 25, and Andy Gehrig Kennedy, 25, both of Hood River, on June 9.

Ryan Keith Brusco, 33, and William Daniel Clark, 37, both of Hood River, on June 10.

Veronica Lopez Lomeli, 21, of Hood River, and Manuel Rodrigo Sandoval Puga, 20, of Parkdale, on June 10.

Martha Alicia Bolanos-Flores, 20, and Luis Ernesto Anguiano Arrenquin, 28, both of Hood River, on June 12.

Jennifer Dawn Lucas, 35, of Hood River, and Jose Abelardo Calderilla Hurtado, 25, of White Salmon, on June 15.

Britney Lee Ballah, 29, and Bradley Donald Breusike, 35, both of Bingen, on June 16.

Sunnie Sandra Turek, 30, and Preston Hunter Brown, 31, both of Hood River, on June 16.

Thomas Wesley Oswald, 25, of Hood River, and Kayla Christina Young, 26, of Mosier, on June 18.

Ashley Lauren Camhi, 32, and Christian Richard Ammon, 34, both of Tempe, Ariz., on June 19.

Jonathan Andrew Munk, 30, and Claudia Maria Lucia Katharina Von Floto, 25, both of Portland, on June 19.

Trent Leon Gutierrez, 23, and Sarah Leann Whipple, 19, both of Hood River, on June 24.

Magdaleno Hernandez, 37, and Maria Guadalupe Rodriguez, 32, both of Parkdale, on June 24.

Rainy May Batroff, 22, and Sean Michael Cullum, 25, both of Glendale, Ariz., on June 25.

Arno Francisco Grandos, 49, and Judeth Jo Bianco, 48, both of Hood River, on June 25.

Carmen Ann Murphy, 32, and Joshua Ryan Mlakar, 32, both of Hood River, on June 30.

Ariana Elizabeth Macias, 24, and Robert Neil Rose III, 24, both of The Dalles, on July 1.

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