Breezy Ann Draper, 37, and Kevin Reid Robinson, Jr., 34, both of Hood River, on June 1.

Jill Jennifer Cabral, 34, and Craig Joseph Schinn, Jr., 37, both of Hood River, on June 2.

Brianna Marie Haggard, 22, of Cascade Locks, and Rolondo Trejo Martinez, 21, of Hood River, on June 6.

Megan Louise Shaub, 29, and Henry Alexander Forsythe, 39, both of Government Camp, on June 6.

Chantalle Rose Blundell, 22, and William Lee Schultz-Rathbun, 22, both of Brush Prairie, Wash., on June 7.

Liana Stegall, 24, and Logan Michael Davis, 27, both of Hood River, on June 7.

Karen Marie Chhokar, 33, of Burbank, Ill., and Jeffrey Michael Houghtaling, 32, of Aurora, Ill., on June 8.

Jamie Lyn Lambert, 29, and Quinten Dwayne Krebs, 28, both of Lemmon, S.D., on June 8.

Casey Christopher Vannet, 29, and Gabriela Munana, 28, both of Hood River, on June 8.

Caleb Louis Wheller, 29, of Stevenson, and Yvonne Mavourneen Bartlett, 26, of The Dalles, on June 8.

Mark Alan Oppenheimer, 28, and Jessica Dawn McMorran, 28, both of Hood River, on June 9.

Danielle Cross Techner, 29, and Mark Brian Cote, 31, both of Aptos, Calif., on June 9.

Joshua Lynn Tyler-Fowler, 33, and Kimberly Ellen Ward, 29, both of Las Vegas, Nev., on June 10.

Adam Patrick Amato, 34, and Julia Grace Bourque, 31, both of Portland, Ore., on June 13.

Brenda Johnson, 75, of Bakersfield, Calif., and Bobby Ray Boydston, 76, of White Salmon, on June 13.

Kris Anthony Stephens, 28, and Alyssa Jamie Sith, 27, both of Beallsville, Ohio, on June 13.

Miguel Angel Acevedo Robles, 25, and Josefina Wendy Giles, 24, both of Gresham, on June 14.

William Jacob Bronston, 31, and Susan Yunshi Zhang, 30, both of Brooklyn, N.Y., on June 15.

Rebecca Lynn Fullerton, 31, of Rosalia, Wash., and Cory Davis Wolbeck, 34, of Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, on June 15.

Corrie Deana Martin, 31, and Travis Owen Osborn, 31, both of College Place, Wash., on June 15.

Tina Lynna Graves, 34, of Hood River, and John Ross Combs, 33, of Klamath Falls, Ore., on June 16.

Claire Bouton Pinter, 35, and Justin Leigh Fernandes, 30, both of Hood River, on June 16.

Cindy Karoline Strong, 58, and Wayne Lavern Woosley, 58, both of Yacolt, Wash., on June 16.

Jorge Andrade, 28, of Fairview, Ore., and Fatima Alejandra Amezcua Facio, 27, of Hood River, on June 17.

Lusiana Montoya-Romero, 29, and Jesus Armondo Grajeda-Medina, 31, both of Hood River, on June 17.

Brandon Tye Jeffers, 21, and Adriana Lynn Chrisman, 31, both of Gresham, on June 22.

Elizabeth Enole Browning, 27, of Honolulu, Hawaii, and Richie Hetherington, 31, of Coleraine, Northern Ireland, on June 22.

Jennifer Munoz, 20, and Fernando Salguero, 26, both of Hood River, on June 22.

Jenna Rae Newcomb, 36, and Kirk William Barkhimer, 44, both of White Salmon, on June 23.

Kristy Lynn Schlueter, 29, and Peter Bultemeier Kuck, 44, both of Mountain View, Calif., on June 23.

Benjamin Job Sheppard, 29, and Toni Rae Nelson, 25, both of Hood River, on June 23.

Keisha maria Doroski, 30, Robert Christian Metz, 36, both of Hood River, on June 24.

Margarita Galvan, 18, and Jose Leonardo Sandoval Delgado, 20, both of Hood River, on June 24.

Sean Patrick Heaney, 24, and Lindsey Marie Johnson, 23, both of Fairbanks, Alaska, on June 24.

Desiree Michelle Weseman, 22, and Rhett Taylor Ratliff, 28, both of Hood River, on June 24.

Staci Jo Schmidt, 53, and Wynn Scott Winfield, 55, both of Hood River, on June 27.

Katherine Elizabeth Kasik, 35, and Christopher Thomas McGinness, 37, both of Portland, Ore., on June 28.

Cristina Yvonne Shuffield, 26, and Collin Benjamin Sciacca, 28, both of Dunedin, Fla., on June 29.

Sadie Jo Campbell, 34, and Brent Allen Corwin, 36, both of Snow Hill, S.C., on June 30.

James Douglas O’Dell, 34, and Megan Louise Ikerd, 37, both of Cascade Locks, on June 30.

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