November 2017

Humberto Gonzalez Diaz, 68, and Olivia Lozano Perez, 68, both of Hood River, on Nov. 1.

Molly Paige Brown, 27, and Jacob Louie Hawkins, 33, both of Underwood, on Nov. 3.

Alejandra Garcia Sanchez, 20, of Mt. Hood-Parkdale, and Juan Ramon Montes Mota, 23, of The Dalles, on Nov. 3.

Christopher Russell Haskins, 29, and Katherine Ann Prichett, 31, both of Hood River, on Nov. 3.

Erica Leigh Didier, 40, and Matthew Scott Swihart, 52, both of Hood River, on Nov. 9.

Alfredo Munoz Jr., 34, and Mercedes Enriquez, 27, both of Hood River, on Nov. 15.

Cody Lee Charron, 28, and Stefanie Joy Lowe, 29, both of Hood River, on Nov. 17.

Kenneth Edward Davis, 23, and Deborah Michelle Allen, 27, both of Goldendale, on Nov. 17.

Christopher Charles Gantt, 47, of Philomath, and Regina Janell Dawson, 45, of Hood River, on Nov. 17.

Lindsay Marie Rickard, 39, and Dae-Jin Kim, 42, both of Wilsonville, on Nov. 17.

Tanailani Namaka Uli’uli Okamoana Kaulia-Webb, 28, and Pascual Torres, 30, both of Hood River, on Nov. 20.

Matthew Allen Sanchez, 36, of San Francisco, and Sarah Esther Kim, 31, of Oakville, Ontario, Canada, on Nov. 22.

Rowan Meneely Townsend Swarny, 29, and Alex Todd Luedeker, 28, both of Hood River, on Nov. 22.

Teresa Ortiz Lemus, 30, and Javier Castillo Gordian, 29, both of Hood River, on Nov. 29.

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