Randi Sue Gullickson, 24, and Kyle Evan Ocean, 26, both of Bingen, on Sept. 1.

Melissa Uno Guthrie, 31, and Andrew James Kirkby, 32, both of Bainbridge Island, Wash., on Sept. 2.

Andrew John Scherbarth, 28, and Aimee Elaine Walls, 26, both of Hood River, on Sept. 2.

Nathaniel Scott Cardwell, 37, and Tiffany Dawn Tomor, 33, both of Mill Creek, Wash., on Sept. 3.

Thomas Presley Faries, 31, and Victoria Norton Larson, 29, both of San Francisco, on Sept. 3.

Christopher Jon Hemingway, 31, and Chelsea Joann Fox, 30, both of Seattle, on Sept. 3.

David Charles Hendrickson, 48, and Debra May Riggleman, 46, both of Hood River, on Sept. 3.

Hector Miguel Mendiola, 28, and Anna Cristina Arteaga, 27, both of Hood River, on Sept. 3.

Daniel Forrest Barnard, 32, and Chelsea Maria Bronder, 32, both of Mt. Hood-Parkdale, on Sept. 4.

Amy Kathleen Blevins, 41, and Tad Ryon Cobuluis, 40, both of Mount Sterling, Ky., on Sept. 4.

Molly Ballentyne Robinson, 28, of Sausalito, Calif., and Matthew Garrett Noble, 29, of Richmond, Calif., on Sept. 4.

Emanuel Chavez, 30, of Portland, and Candis Whitney Fulmer, 31, of Seaside, on Sept. 8.

William Robert Hurst, 30, and Karen Margaret Long, 30, both of White Salmon, on Sept. 8.

Alexis Renae Carter, 25, and Jacob Nielson Walton, 36, both of Kimberly, Idaho, on Sept. 9.

Richard Carleton Hulit, 31, and Heather Anne Soczek, 34, both of Seattle, on Sept. 11.

Kelsey Elizabeth Mosley, 30, and Carly Blair McNeil, 32, both of Hood River, on Sept. 11.

Alia Lindsey Sitter, 24, and Devin Clinton Green, 28, both of Benton City, Wash., on Sept. 11.

Michael Ralph McqUEARY, 59, AND Deanna Lee Matteson, 55, both of Hubbard, Ore., on Sept. 14.

Jose Celedonio Briones Plascencia, 22, of Bingen, and Rebeca Carrrillo, 22, of Hood River, on Sept. 15.

Guadalupe Nayali Sanchez Rincon, 23, o f Bingen, and Uriel Ledesma Gonzalez, 29, of Odell, on Sept. 17.

Niklas Smith Christensen, 42, and Livia Kay Colbert, 34, both of Hood River, on Sept. 18.

Gerrit Shaw Gibbs, 32, and Sita Sanders, 28, both of Hood River, on Sept. 21.

Colin Patrick Cameron, 27, and Stephany Michelle James, 24, both of Edmond, Okla., on Sept. 22.

Susan Michelle Clare, 44, and Darren John Wiese, 50, both of Portland, on Sept. 22.

Zachary William Collier, 41, and Heather Rae Wright, 35, both of Hood River, on Sept. 22.

Carlos Giles Beltran, 39, and Sara Colin Peña, 30, both of Parkdale, on Sept. 22.

Christina Elaine Seitz, 32, and Aaron Johnson, 42, both of Hood River, on Sept. 22.

Kelly Lorraine Kolrud, 32, and James Daniel Grant, 37, both of Hood River, on Sept. 25.

Katherine Elizabeth Reber, 36, and Daniel Peter Warden, 30, both of Gresham, on Sept. 25.

Ashley Rose Gath, 24, and Jeremiah Travis Cardon, 34, both of Hood River, on Sept. 25.

Pedro Virgen, 23, of Hood River, and Sandra Guzman-Nunez, 23, of Bingen, on Sept. 29.

Rachel Lee Boshears, 28, and Andrew William Cooley Danies, 29, both of Hood River, on Oct. 2.

James Andrew Mulberry, 54, and Diane Kay Black, 64, both of Cascade Locks, on Oct. 2.

Jennifer Marie Wenzel, 29, and Matthew John Skjerven, 29, both of Bellingham, on Oct. 2.

Brooke Renee Barton, 35, of Maupin, and Riley Daniel Anderson, 31, of Hood River, on Oct. 7.

Charles Colwell Ferguson, 75, and Janice Weiler Kennedy, 69, both of Washougal, on Oct. 7.

Ricardo Gutierrez, 29, and Griselda Larios Covarrubias, 44, both of Hood River, on Oct. 7.

Shelley Marie Alexander, 48, and James Timothy Strand, 47, both of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, on Oct. 8.

David Bradley Allen, 36, and Megan Nicole Buettner, 28, both of Carson, on Oct. 8.

Nina Renee Menasco, 32, and Edward Maxwell Bernstein, 32, both of Vancouver, on Oct. 9.

Norma Alicia Bolaños Guzman, 24, and Osmar Dony Montes Zuñiga, 22, both of Hood River, on Oct. 14.

Hilda Ramona Alejo, 30, and Yuan Sebastian Olivo Virgen, 33, both of Parkdale, on Oct. 16.

Darin Leon Dahlstrom, 47, and Tammy Jean Frizzell, 47, both of Hood River, on Oct. 21.

John Robert Stipan, 55, and Brenda Lee Greene Jackson, 46, both of Cascade Locks, on Oct. 22.

Barry Gene McFarland, 64, and Deanna May McFarland, 60, both of Hood River, on Oct. 23.

June Ann Olson, 57, and John Ryland Arens, 60, both of Hood River, on Oct. 23.

Jose Fermin Bolanos, 23, and Maria Rosalina Torres Pacheco, 27, both of Hood River, on Oct. 27.

Anthony Donovan Graves, 40, and Heather Lynn McCurdy, 46, both of Sutherlin, Ore., on Oct. 29.

Elizabeth Ann Boyd, 30, and Logan Hunter Fish, 31, both of Beaverton, on Oct. 30.

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