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Dr. Sara Hahn-Huston

It’s official: Dr. Sara Hahn-Huston is the next superintendent of Hood River County School District.

The Board of Directors confirmed her contract last week.

Hahn-Huston is currently the executive director of secondary education at Gresham-Barlow School District.

“Sara is coming in with great qualifications and our district has been focused on equity and she comes with a great background on that and we are excited to continue all the programs that we have in place,” said Board Chair Chrissy Reitz.

Hahn-Huston will succeed Dan Goldman, superintendent for the past six years. Goldman, who will remain in the community, will start his new job as director of Northeast Oregon Education Service District in July.

She said Goldman’s work on equity, and “the financial stability in this district,” will be his greatest legacies.

“We had to make some hard decisions, and some of that as because of state budget and the economy and the changes in Hood River that have happened,” she said. “It’s been a kind of a boom and populations have changed, and Dan came in at a time when were just stalled. We got a lot out of our programs and he advanced our goals.

“We have looked at our population,” predominately Hispanic in some areas, “and said we need to serve all our kids better, and we have,” Reitz said.

“We’re excited about Dr. Hahn-Huston’s demonstrated success in diverse, multi-lingual, multicultural school communities,” said Board Vice Chair Rich Truax upon her selection from a field of five finalists.

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