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Students in Stephanie Perkins’ PE class run through a fitness obstacle course in the Teddy Webber gym at May Street, to be torn down starting in June. The school hosts “the last basketball game” in the gym Saturday, among many events.

Plenty of folks will be going back to the old school on Saturday.

“Dragon Bash,” celebrating the more than 100 years of the school, happens from 2-5 p.m.

This will be the chance for many to say “goodbye” to the elementary school on the Heights, as a new school is close to completion and the existing school will be torn down this summer.

Dragon Bash activities include bingo in the library, a covered sidewalk beautification station, photo booth, bouncy house, face painting, wall signing, dance party and ice cream in the east playground.

The “last basketball game” in the Teddy Webber gymnasium happens at 4 p.m., after the 3-4 p.m. open gym.

Throughout the Dragon Bash will be feature historical elements including a cafeteria hallway wall signing and a display provided by the History Museum of Hood River County.

All that and tours of the new school facility, on schedule for completion next month.

Visitors can also view an “I Remember When…” area on the ramp hallway that joins the old(er) and new(er) segments of the school, built in stages over the past 80 years.

The Dragon Bash began just a few years ago with support from our PTO and parents such as Jace Castello, Cynthia Yoshida, and Nicole Goldman,” said principal Kelly Beard. “Our Bash is an end-of-school year celebration, simply to provide a day of laughter and play for our children and their families. This year is particularly special as we are inviting the entire community to say goodbye to one landmark school and welcome in our new May Street building.”


The 4 p.m. game will pit a team of district educators against the “Morning Ball” basketball crew that started playing at 6 a.m. in the gym 19 years ago.

Former May Street PE Teacher Larry Madsen will officiate, assisted by “honorary referees,” long-time school secretary Kim Maddy and long-time librarian Sue Mason, who will blow their whistles on “surprise” calls.

The game is free, but donations will be accepted for two good causes: The Teddy Webber Scholarship Fund and Start Making A Reader Today literacy program.

Local businesses, along with the Hood River County School Board, and other groups and individuals have sponsored the last basketball game, aka “Biscuitball,” which will feature players wearing objects such as overcoats and hats, and holding objects ranging from pompoms to stuffed animals.

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