All calls were responded to within the County of Hood River.

Assaults, harassment, menacing and domestic violence:

Sept. 19 — Avalon Drive — Possible assault reported.

Sept. 21 — Odell Highway — A juvenile was cited for assault IV.

Controlled substance violations (non-DUII):

Sept. 12 — Cascade Locks — Male arrested for possession of methamphetamine and issued traffic citations for violation driving while suspended and texting while driving.

Disorderly conduct, mischief, trespass and vandalism:

Aug. 30 — Clemmons Drive, 3100 block — Criminal trespass complaint investigated.

Sept. 1 — Van Nuys Drive, 4800 block — Criminal mischief reported.

Sept. 14 — Vineyard Road, 500 block — Vandalism reported.

Sept. 17 — Carter Road, 1900 block — Male contacted regarding a criminal mischief complaint.

Sept. 20 — Dee Highway, 2700 block — Male arrested for criminal trespass and disorderly conduct, and lodged at NORCOR.

Identity theft or bank/credit card fraud:

Sept. 18 — Trout Creek Ridge Road, 6400 block — Female contacted regarding a forgery complaint.

Motor vehicle crashes, offenses and impounds:

Aug. 27 — NW WaNaPa Street, 700 block, Cascade Locks — Hit and run reported.

Aug. 31 — Brookside and Tucker Road — Deputy responded to a two vehicle, non-injury motor vehicle crash.

Sept. 4 — I-84 at exit 62 — Deputy involved in a minor, non-injury traffic crash.

Sept. 12 — Westcliff Drive, 4200 block — Hit and run reported.

Sept. 13 — Wheeler Road and Dee Highway — Hit and run reported.

Sept. 16 — SW Wasco Street, 0-100 block, Cascade Locks — Male cited and released for failure to perform the duties of a driver, driving uninsured, violation driving while suspended and failure to install an ignition interlock device following a hit and run investigation.

Sept. 29 — Tucker Road, 1600 block — Hit and run reported.

Sept. 20 — Highway 35 at Central Vale Road — Male cited and released for reckless driving after he caused a traffic crash.

Outstanding warrants, parole, probation or terms violations:

Aug. 31 — Cascade Locks, Bonneville Dam exit — Male arrested on a municipal court warrant.

Sept. 2 — Parkdale — Deputies arrested a male subject on out-of-state warrants following a traffic stop.

Sept. 7 — Cascade Locks – Male arrested on a warrant.

Sept. 13 — State Street, 300 block — Deputy transferred a custody to NORCOR following the completion of a trial.

Sept. 17 — Riordan Hill Drive, 4700 block — Individual with a felony warrant arrested and lodged at NORCOR.

Sept. 19 — Midway Road, 3100 block — Male arrested on a detainer arrest warrant and lodged at NORCOR.

Sept. 22 — State Street, 300 block — Male arrested on a warrant for probation violation out of Umatilla County.

Theft or burglary:

Aug. 28 — Lingren Road, 3200 block — Male contacted regarding a theft complaint.

Aug. 28 — Highway 35, 14000 block — Theft reported.

Aug. 29 — Whistler, British Columbia — Female contacted regarding a theft complaint.

Aug. 30 — Avalon Drive, 1800 block — Stolen vehicle reported.

Sept. 13 — Highway 35 at milepost 64 — Theft reported.

Sept. 15 — Wy’east Road, 3000 block — Theft of cash reported.

Sept. 18 — Odell Highway, 3300 block — Burglary II, criminal mischief II and theft II complaint reported.

Sept. 20 — Airport Drive, 3600 block — Male contacted regarding a theft I and unlawful entry into a motor vehicle complaint.

Sept. 21 — Dee Highway, 2400 block — Theft of camping gear reported.

Sept. 22 — Fairview Drive, 3900 block — Theft from a motor vehicle reported.


Aug. 27 — Laurance Lake — Deputy took possession of a found smartphone which had been turned it at the campground.

Aug. 28 — Avalon Drive — Deputy assisted on a director’s hold.

Sept. 1 — Wheeler Road — Deputy made contact with a subject vehicle from a driving complaint. Subsequently, several minors were cited for minor in possession of alcohol.

Sept. 2 — Hood River — Deputy took report of a missing person. The reported missing person returned home the next day.

Sept. 6 — Eden Park — Search and rescue conducted for an injured hiker.

Sept. 10 — Parkdale — Deputies responded to an unattended death.

Sept. 11 — Davis Drive, 3600 block — Found property reported.

Sept. 12 — Westcliff Drive, 3800 block — Five prepaid credit cards were reported as found.

Sept. 18 — Belmont Drive, 3500 block — Runaway juvenile reported.

Sept. 18 — Cascade Locks — Deputy investigated a possible suicide attempt.

Sept. 20 — Trout Creek Ridge Road, 5800 block — Female cited for furnishing alcohol to a minor.

Sept. 21 — State Street, 300 block — Found bike turned in at the courthouse.

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