State Street work will impede traffic

LOOKING east along the new elevated portion of the sidewalk, extending from the existing Second Street stairs landing. The upright wooden forms are for the pillars that will hold lights to illuminate the upper sidewalk as well as shine on the street level. Handrails will be installed and other finishing touches will be done after Labor Day.

After the Labor Day flags of Monday starts the flagging on Tuesday.

Traffic patterns will return to construction mode on Sept. 2 as the Urban Renewal Project heads down the final stretch, City Manager Steve Wheeler told City Council Monday.

Look for single-lane flow between State and Front streets next week, and periodic blockages with detours, and the guidance of flagging personnel, at each intersection. Crews from Crestline Construction and the utility companies will be preparing for one of the more dramatic aspects of the year-long $5.2 million project: taking down utility poles and putting the overhead lines underground.

When the power lines come down starting Sept.15, there will be no parking on the north side of State.

Crews will also do the second layer of paving on Oak, which will even up those pesky 1-2 inch lips between the first layer of asphalt and the concrete gutter edges.

Another key date: Oak Street from First to State and Front Street will be closed for completion of sidewalks starting Sept. 22.

Wheeler said Crestline will begin constructing the new public restroom facility in two or three weeks. The structure will be located on the south side of State Street at Third, in front of Hood River County Courthouse.

Several patches of pedestrian areas remain in gravel to ease excavation for the undergrounding of cables and lines. Also set for completion after Labor Day: the block-long elevated sidewalk between First and Second streets, connecting the city parking lot and the Second Street stairs.

Peterson Brothers Concrete is building the bases, known as pilasters, for lighting the upper and lower sidewalks, and will start installing guardrails next week.

The Urban Renewal project is due to be over by the end of October.

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