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sharing space at Fourth and Oak are Windermere, with broker Kim Salveson-Pauly, left, and The Dwelling Station, owned by Christina LeFever, right, moving from Mosier.

Like a sofa and table that complement each other, a realtor and home furnishings business are co-locating in a downtown Hood River anchor space.
The Dwelling Station moved last month from Mosier to Fourth and Oak, inside one of  Windermere Realty’s two downtown offices.
Christina LeFever of The Dwelling Space, and Kim Salveson-Pauly of Windermere, poured wine and handed out chilled water for First Friday visitors on May 3 in the former Paris Fair building.
“It’s a natural synergistic relationship,” said LeFever, who sells reused furnishings, collectibles and home goods, having opened seven years ago in a former service station on Highway 30 in Mosier.
“We’ve always been looking for someone to be co-housing with, someone who accentuated both businesses,” Salveson-Pauly said. “We’re super excited we’re able to do that now.”
Windermere has at least one real estate person on premises from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, and 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday.
“This is definitely a different business approach, and we haven’t ironed all of it out,” LeFever said. “Because realtors are here seven days a week, people can still stroll through and look around, but I hope to have another person hired for additional hours.”
She added, “‘I’ve had the station for seven years, and have been working with (real estate) clients, and naturally because I am service-oriented and I like to help people bring their visions to life. I have done stagings, and with Windermere, it’s just a natural fit.”
Salveson-Pauly calls it “a whole concierge service.
“When we sell a home, it really helps people to understand the relationship of what it could look like, and how we can help them at a whole different level, and help people find all these other services and the right person to help them. By having Christina in this space, they can walk into a comfort zone and talk about what they can do with their space.”
Over time, she considered pairings with other businesses, including wineries, but The Dwelling Station felt like the right fit and a way to make use of a large retail space Windermere has occupied for four years. “We have agents here, but they are not locked at a desk. Now, people can look at all sorts of things here,” Salveson-Pauly said.
LeFever said she strives for a “warm, welcoming environment, one that is constantly changing.
“This may not be everyone’s preference, but our staging doesn’t look like it’s stocked from a furniture store. Everyone’s house has its own personality, and I’m going to work with that in a very personal way.”
Dwelling Station is scheduled to officially open at the new location on June 1.

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