Windermere Real Estate, the largest regional real estate company in the Western U.S., announced in November 2015 the addition of a new property management company in the Windermere network: Windermere Property Management Columbia River LLC. The company, which recently opened four offices in the Gorge, is owned by Kim Salvesen-Pauly and Rick Pauly.

Windermere Property Management Columbia River LLC has offices in the following locations:

The Dalles — 122 E. Second St.; Hood River — 504 Cascade St.; Stevenson — 220 S.W. Second St.; Bingen — 106 W. Steuben

“We have noticed an increase in the number of customers looking to rent because of low housing inventory,” said Salvesen-Pauly, who will continue in her role at Windermere Glenn Taylor Real Estate while also managing growth acquisitions for the new property management company.

Salvesen-Pauly, who is in the process of hiring and training property managers, said she is using the collaborative team business model for the property management company. The current team has experience in managing bank-owned properties and investments, construction, and real estate advertising and marketing — all of which will be beneficial to rental property owners.

“Having a great team makes all the difference in the world; we’ve seen how positively impactful it has been in our five Windermere Real Estate offices,” said Salvesen-Pauly. “It only makes sense to apply the same strategy to the property management business. And, as part of the Windermere network, we have all the same highly effective tools to help the new company grow.”

Community members can contact the property management team at 541-386-7368 (RENT).

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