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Non-injury crash at 8:09 a.m. Wednesday, when this vehicle came down the steep Seventh Street hill and struck a power pole, disrupting power throughout Hood River. The outage affected 144 customers, with 114 of them back online by noon, and the remainder by 5 p.m., according to Tom Gauntt of Pacific Power.

What was hopefully the final bout of winter weather hit the Gorge this week, with ice on the roads in town and on I-84 causing a plethora of problems.

Power was out in parts of Hood River for approximately five hours Wednesday after a car crashed into a power pole on Sherman Avenue. Pacific Power was able to remove the damaged equipment and restore power, and the crash itself is currently under investigation.

ODOT reported at least one spinout on I-84 between Hood River and Cascade Locks on Wednesday, and several crashes and semi-spinouts at mileposts 67-69, both west and eastbound, between Hood River and Mosier. More trouble was reported at mileposts 70-71, with at least one crash and traffic speeding around the curve in the road; over the scanner, one OSP trooper expressed fear of speeding traffic “rear-ending our existing crash, or me.”

Temperatures are finally expected to warm up, with a highs between 40 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit forecast for this weekend, and highs between 45 and 50 degrees expected next week.

In the Columbia River Gorge and Hood River Valley, light accumulations of snow around half an inch are possible before the switch to rain, according to the  National Weather Service.

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