Several significant changes have gotten in the way of delivery of the newspaper in recent weeks, a situation we certainly regret.

Some readers have let us know they have not been receiving their newspaper in a timely a manner. They’ve let us know in varying ways how unhappy they are about late or interrupted service, and we appreciate that.

We acknowledge that this newspaper delivery has had some bumps in normal delivery as we transitioned to new ways of doing business. This may have caused it to be late getting to the post office and into the hands of our route drivers, as well as into newsstands. And in some cases, our readers have let us know they’ve had difficulty with timely delivery on various postal routes.

The fact is that this newspaper is in the process of adjusting to obstacles to delivery of the Hood River News on time and as usual: The move to Salem of the physical printing of the Hood River News and The Dalles Chronicle, and with it the need to bring the bundles of papers back to the Gorge via truck. We have loyal workers doing new and different tasks, and things have not always run smoothly.

These changes are technical and human-related — the kinds of operational factors that any small business must address, and our hats go off to business people and service providers who regularly deal with these realities of modern business.

There are plenty of variables to deal with. As the saying goes, “Many a slip twixt cup and lip.” As we overcome the obstacles, we ask readers’ patience. After accuracy and fairness of coverage, the primary goal of this news operation is to get the paper into the hands of readers in a timely manner.

The paper might be printed in Salem, but Hood River News’ operations, and the people who carry them out, remain in Hood River.

We continue to strive to put out the best product possible and to deliver it when our readers expect it.

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