‘Is Walden nuts too?’

Would you think Rep. Greg Walden might have noticed that his enabling of Trump has some … uh … significant downsides? Our democracy is in tatters, we are isolated on the world stage, the climate crisis is worsening, and the economy is highly unstable.

On top of all that, Trump is mentally unstable and unfit to hold public office. In one day recently, he attacked an ally for refusing to sell him part of its country, declared himself, “the chosen one,” quoted someone who called him “King of Israel,” claimed he could singlehandedly change the 14th Amendment of the Constitution by ending birthright citizenship, and cited auto-pioneer and infamous anti-Semite Henry Ford in a message on Twitter. Members of Congress who act like there’s no problem here look flat out nuts too.

It’s past time for Rep. Walden to stop shirking his duty to govern, to uphold the Constitution, and to protect his constituents from the nutcase in the White House.

Bonnie New

Hood River

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