Consider your great-grandchildren

Michael Fifer’s recent note on climate change (Our Readers Write, Dec. 26) is an example of arriving at false conclusions by trying to cherry-pick science to fulfill one’s belief system.

Scientific climatologists aren’t trying to bolster a belief system — they take current scientific climate data and compare it all the scientific knowledge for the entire world. In doing so, they arrive at the best explanation for what we see happening in the world around us. For their explanation to be significant, it must correlate with the data a minimum of 95 percent of the time.

Climate studies are not done in a black box, but rather are a gigantic, cross-disciplinary scientific theater. Astronomy’s celestial cycles are looked at, as described by Mr. Fifer, but show no correlation to explain the rapid 150-year rise in the CO2 levels on our planet, nor the associated rising temperatures. This is because these cycles are very regular, take tens of thousands of years to slowly make changes, and cannot explain the scientific climate observations. By the same token, geologists look at volcano gases, but don’t find any significant spewing of gases that correlates with the evidence.

On the other hand, our human industrial revolution, which began about 150 years ago, significantly fits the rising CO2 levels. I would suggest reading some of the latest and best scientific information on climatology’s research and ways our government can help stimulate the profit motive for big businesses to remove and utilize their CO2. This can be read in the new January 2019 Scientific American article, “The Last Resort.”

It’s time the USA put aside its flat earth mentality and pointless argumentation to jointly work with the rest of the world on solutions to a very real-world problem. If not remedied, climatic change will make our world a much more hostile and insecure place for our children and great-grandchildren.

Richard McBee

Hood River

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