'Stand on principle’

Dear Congressman Walden:

Shutting down part of the federal government because of a wall that the majority of Americans don’t support is childish and dangerous. Doing so before Congress has passed comprehensive immigration reform is immoral.

Your silence is deafening. Please openly oppose the president on this issue. Please work with your House colleagues to pass a continuing resolution untied to border wall funding — and to overcome a presidential veto if one is issued.

You are human, and thus not exempt from temptation. But you are informed. You likely recognize how unfit and damaging this presidency is. You somehow found a way to rationalize that the benefits of a deeply flawed presidency outweigh the risks, from a conservative perspective.

But that rationalization, I hope, is becoming increasingly difficult to live with.

You face a trying decision: Stay the convenient partisan path, or transcend politics to do the right thing for your country and your constituents.

What you decide will be the true measure of your mettle, and will determine your legacy.

General James Mattis resigned on principle. I am not advocating that you resign. But I am asking that you too stand on principle, to defend the American people (and basic human decency) from abuse of presidential power.

Antonio Baptista

Mt. Hood

Fair play rebuttal

To Steve Kaplan (Our Readers Write, Dec. 22) and his sort: Gen. Michael Flynn could possibly do jail time for only one reason, because his last name is not Clinton or Kennedy.

Plain and simple.

Roger Neufeldt

Mt. Hood-Parkdale

‘I still like you’

As the year comes to a close, I want to say how grateful I am to call you neighbors and friends. I also want to let you know that even if our politics and religion are not the same, I still like you. We human beings are not so different from each other.

Regardless of which political party is in control, we should support leaders that talk about our common values and not highlight our differences. Politics is not about winning or losing. We are all citizens of the same country and at some point someone that we can’t stand will be in power. For the sake of everyone who is here and for all those yet to come, we have a massive responsibility to work together.

The national political landscape is depressing and not representative of the people I know personally in this community — people who think and feel differently than me, but we still find common ground.

As politics continues to derail itself, remember to focus on the good things in 2019 that we all share in common and to not focus on the divisive differences.

Avery Hoyt

White Salmon

Purr your stress away

Cats are fantastic companions and can even help reduce holiday or anytime of year stress. If you could do with a calming influence, contact one of the local cat rescue groups. You’ll feel smiles better! Year-end donations, providing help in finding loving homes for Mid-Columbia rescued cats would, I’m sure, also be appreciated.

Larry Larson

Mt. Hood

How do we greet strangers?

Each year, we celebrate the birth of Christ, the child of a modest family who sought refuge in a church in Bethlehem. It must of been a place of contention as the entrance to the church is so long and low, you almost have to crawl through it. This was done to protect the occupants from attack.

Two thousand years later, there are people needing shelter on our southern border. They are being kept in camps in Mexico, and some have died — a small child. Some have even been murdered by a serial murderer who was employed by our own border patrol.

Our president says there are drugs, gang members and worse being brought to our border. The families, women and children that are coming are trying to escape extreme poverty, lack of government, and murderous gangs in their former home countries. Many have walked thousands of miles for a better chance for themselves and their families. I ask you as members of the Judeo-Christian communities, is this how we were taught to greet strangers?

Merry Christmas,

Rob Brostoff

Cascade Locks


I was thoroughly disappointed in the Hood River News section of The Children’s Carol on Dec. 22.

Not sure if it was due to the Cascade Locks School or the newspaper, but there weren’t any students from our school in Cascade Locks. I always look for them.

Margrete Curtis

Cascade Locks

Editor’s Note: Cascade Locks School students were invited to participate, but did not submit any drawings.

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