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A response is needed for Kirby Neumann-Rea’s column, “Editor’s Notebook,” in the Hood River News on Feb. 9. The editor disparages President Trump in different areas concerning his State of the Union speech.

He lists topics not addressed in the speech: The deficit, the government shutdown, tax cuts for the rich and global warming.

1. Concerning the deficit, it’s interesting that the Left is suddenly upset about it, when they have consistently increased it themselves.

2. The government shutdown was part of a push to increase security on our southern border.

3. “Tax cuts for the rich” weren’t just for the rich only, but also for many others, too.

4. “Global Warming.” The fallacy of primarily man-caused “global warming” (or is it “climate change”?) is objectively addressed in Marc Marino’s book, “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change” and at

The editor should talk to border law enforcement people to get an idea about bad things that are crossing the border. We need a physical barrier plus other means to have control.

The chants “USA! USA!” were delightful to hear! What does the editor have against the USA? I was delighted to hear that the U.S. is now the world’s largest exporter of oil and natural gas. The other options are unlikely to meet the needs.

So I agree with U.S. Rep. Greg Walden when he said, concerning the speech, “It was very powerful and patriotic!”

Donald Rose

Hood River

'Snow hero'

A4 Letters mug Helga.jpg

Helga Reese

Meet Helga Reese. She’s been volunteering at Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital for four years. On one of the biggest snow weeks in years, Helga walked to the hospital several days and worked extra shifts to greet people. With her 40-plus years in nursing, she knows people can be anxious coming to the hospital and she likes helping them find their way.

Covering for other volunteers who couldn’t make it in makes her a snow hero!

Susan Frost

Director of public relations and foundation, Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital Foundation

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