GoFundMe just returned $20 million to those who donated to the Wall cause. I am very confused about this because my safety can never be guaranteed without the Wall.

POTUS emphatically states that “most” people want a Wall. If “most” represents only 60 percent of adults in the U.S., that means there are 200 million likely donors. Third grade math pencils out contributions at an average of 10 cents per supporter.

Perhaps the Hood River News is brainwashing us by refusing to print all the pro-Trump cartoons showing how great we are becoming again. I certainly hope Trump supporters have not been hurt from tax relief to rich people, a huge increase in defense spending, and cuts in funding for most human services.

The people have spoken. We are a country of laws after all.

Steve Kaplan

Hood River

Proposal suggestions

Thanks for the article about the county’s two tax proposals (Jan. 8). I offer a couple suggestions.

“Public Safety recreational response, including search and rescue, forest/ATV patrol and marine patrol: $548,498.” Why isn’t “marine patrol” covered by either the state (Marine Board) or the port, and anything on the mountain covered by the Forest Service?

“County Forest, including forest recreational trails: $148,060.” Why isn’t this coming out of the county’s tree farm sales?

Regarding Commissioner McBride’s comment on how to fully cover the Sheriff’s services, these are heavily dependent upon the use of cars. I suggest the county try again on a gasoline tax, dedicate it to all public safety services (including city police), and market the proposal clearly and assertively, including well-conducted polls and focus groups to foster local support.

David Hupp

Hood River

Look for common ground

It seems all Americans, Democrat and Republicans alike and future Americans could benefit from resolution of the current government shutdown.

A little give and take on both sides would bring us stronger southern border security and a resolution could be made on DACA and immigration reform.

I do not understand the complete refusal for negotiating for a better America.

Roger Neufeldt

Mt. Hood-Parkdale

‘Explaining to do’

Congressman Greg Walden has announced he will hold 16 town hall meetings around Oregon Congressional District 2, the first such events since April 2017. In 2017, his press release said that “He is “proud to hold regular town hall meetings in all 20 counties in our vast district. They are another great way for me to update my ‘to-do’ list to take back to the nation’s capitol.”

But after these meetings, Walden went into hiding. The only public viewing of this Congressman was in radio ads, TV ads, and billboards he spread around the district while running for another term of office.

“Where’s Walden” was heard in all corners of the large district from Indivisible groups because requests for town halls were met with a shrug from Walden’s staff. The challenge for debates from his opponent, Jamie Mcleod-Skinner, was sidelined by Walden, with one finally held in-studio.

Two years later, Walden has announced a round of town hall meetings, stating, “I look forward to getting together with people on the ground and hearing your concerns and ideas and suggestions about this new session of Congress, and giving you an update on the things we’ve accomplished and what we want to work on going forward.”

What changed? It’s the beginning of a new term and far away from the next election cycle? A much narrower margin of victory in 2018 and it is time to “listen”? A Democratic controlled house?

Interestingly enough, during the opening of the 116th Congress, Walden said, “I come here today with a very simple request and in the spirit of this new Congress and a fresh start, let us come together and make sure that those Americans with pre-existing health conditions are protected — period. But that can only happen if the new Democratic majority allows it.” Laughable because Walden helped craft a controversial GOP health care bill that would have ended coverage for some 24 million Americans, including, of course, pre-existing conditions.

Now is the time to ask questions of Congressman Walden, in public. He has been missing for quite some time and certainly has some explaining to do.

Beverly Sherrill

The Dalles

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