‘Important day’

For me, the most important day for all of 2019 has already occurred. It was Jan. 3. That is the day the House of Representatives was brought back from insanity. I will sleep much easier for the rest of this year knowing there are more level heads looking out for middle- and low-income families and the environment we must live in, not just the super-rich and corporate America profits.

Gary Fields

Hood River

Put away bins

Hood River’s solid waste removal system now provides residents with waste bins on wheels. The new waste bins are conveniently much easier to roll to the curb than the old cans, which required residents to lift or drag them out on pick-up day. Why is it then that so many of Hood River’s residents now choose to leave their easier-to-roll waste bins out in their front yards, or even at the curb all week long, rather than rolling them back out of sight after pick-up day? As I walk the streets of Hood River, the sight of so many cans left out all week is a disturbing form of visual pollution, which greatly diminishes the charm and beauty of our neighborhoods. I don’t remember seeing so many cans left out before the easily rolled waste bins where provided. Very puzzling.

Michael Stroud

Hood River

Love of self

For the love of all (that includes love of self): On Friday, I left for The Dalles with hope of getting a full weekend of restful sleep. When I arrived, the shelter was closed. (A horror; no money, no friends, no credit card.) Thank God for a Christian Baptist who gave a voucher to the Oregon Motor Lodge. That was only one night, lonely, scary, too short. A sweet older Catholic Christian put me in the same place. Miracles do happen! I slept the best in seven months; dark room, no nasty talk, I slept in my perfect temperature zone. A Christian man gave me $20 to eat. Brenda gave me a ride to the hospital. At the Warming Shelter, a woman gave me a ride to Hood River and a hoodie. God bless all those kind-hearted women and men in The Dalles! Even a smile goes a long way. So, keep on smiling, don’t ever give up.

Carol Oji

Hood River

Representative revere

Despite an avalanche of angst running down on Congressman Walden from Hood River County — he took a kickin’ yet kept on tickin’ — and won reelection anyway. How could that be? Well, maybe the answer is: One combative county cannot necessarily bring a good man down.

Which reminds me, let’s thank Greg for refusing to accept his salary during the government closure. I have known Congressman Walden before he was an outstanding and award winning Boy Scout and have reached this conclusion: Integrity matters.

Bill Davis

Hood River

‘Playing politics’

In the Hood River News article of Jan. 23, concerning Sen. Ron Wyden’s town hall meeting, he indicated that the spending of border security should be “in an effective, targeted way.”

I agree and President Trump is proposing this. Then, Wyden indicates that fencing technology and increasing border patrols are effective ways to address border security.

This depends on what is meant by “fencing technology.” It needs to be as, or more, effective than a wall or steel barrier. He states that “a wall is not a very effective way.” How does he know this?

I suspect that Wyden, with some other Democrats, who previously supported barriers, are playing petty politics in their dislike for President Trump.

He and the Democrats need to put the safety of U.S. citizens above this pettiness!

Donald Rose

Hood River

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