‘A sperm-headed view’

Men can learn from The Vagina Monologues, a play being performed in Hood River during the first two weekends in February. Why would we want to? To better relate to the women in our lives and women worldwide. To help understand and end violence against women. For love.

The show is poignant , funny, irreverent and heartbreaking with a variety of amazing monologues suited for a mature audience. It is performed by a very talented group of seven women from throughout the Gorge. I have a lessor supporting role and in one of my monologues, my character refers to his “sperm-headed view of the world.”

This play is an rare opportunity to see things from an “ovum-headed view of the world.” A viewpoint that is shared by about half the world’s human population. Come see it, you will have a blast and gain empathy.

The Vagina Monologues is directed by Judie Hanel and will be performed at the Columbia Center for the Arts in Hood River for six showings. Tickets cost $15 or $20, depending on show time and are available at Waucoma Books and at columbiaarts.org/events.

Peter Cornelison

Hood River


Imagine if every person accused of a crime in the U.S., regardless of their skin color or title, was allowed to choose what evidence could be presented against them, and who could speak as a witness about their behavior.

It sounds like a completely ridiculous idea when you think about it, right?

That is exactly how President Trump wants the accusations against him to be judged. Like I said, completely ridiculous.

Steve Kaplan

Hood River

‘Can’t stop’

To allow this Senate Repugnigant betrayal to stand without a powerful spotlight would be a betrayal of our own.

So: The House has to have Bolton testify, subpoena Pompeo, Barr, Pence et al (and ask for expedited judgments), and refile impeachment for Bribery, the criminal act.

The Repugs have given us the road map. What could then remain of their defense?

Then there has to be a deluge of “artistic” preparation like TV dramas and docs on the order of Profiles in Courage to appeal to the kids and grandkids of at least some of the formerly in-another-life conscious R’s.

Even a few more months of this miscreant thinking, he’s off scott free and invulnerable is too dangerous. At least it will make him guard his behavior and make him the only double-impeachie in history.

And subpoena former Chief of Staff Kelly, Tillerson and others who might be now appalled.

At least then the people would see that some of us, a majority, see this person’s threat is against our continuation as a Democracy.

Bob Williams

Hood River

Mixed blessing

It has been sad but encouraging in these last, rancid days of patriarchy to consider the loss of Kobe Bryant and the mixed blessing of his need for, and the example of, his growth. He went from a credible rape charge to eventually being a fierce advocate for the future his daughter wanted. If only more fathers would get there.

David Warnock

Hood River

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This week, watching this spectacle called an impeachment hearing, has been one of the hardest politically I have ever lived through. It has only given me the resolve to work harder than I ever have, to defeat this maniacal miscreant we have for a president and all of his cronies. Time to elect a more loving, forward thinking, intelligent and honest group to lead our country.

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