Summing the parts

The “Tunnel Of Plum” picture, A2 of the March 28 Hood River News issue, is a twice-demanding viewing image, one that puts the viewer in the artist’s shoes, inhaling the fragrance of the blossoms while humming along with the buzzing bees gathering their nectar. (I hope to see it on the “Panorama” cover.)

Then again, on A4, I found an article which I expected to be a play on egotism, but I gave it a “thumbs-up.” I found it to be quite amusing, for if I had written it, its title would had consisted of only six letters (HAWADO), in lieu of the 11 words. (These editors generally amaze/amuse me with titles; when it may take me hours with my one-fingered-hunt-n-peck typing skills to compose a letter, then they sum it up with just a few words.)

But the “Cream-of-the-Crop” of the March 28 issue is a must read! It awaits you at the right top of A4, authored by Sen. Chuck Thomsen, a 1975 alumni of HRVHS, dealing with education and the “funding games” that the Democrats like to play. The “losers” are speechless. (They can’t vote.)

Alan Winans

Hood River

Thanks to Walden

Thankfully we have Greg Walden standing up for freedom.

Walden is the only congressman from Oregon who is working to keep the Internet free and open. As a student at COCC, this could not be more important to me. Greg Walden has spoken out against the FCC’s power grab, and is working hard to write a plan that protects Internet freedom without a heavy-handed government takeover.

Over the past two decades, the Internet has helped grow America’s economy and increase freedom around the world. If we let the FCC take the reins, this growth will stop and young people, like myself, will pay the price. Thank you, Greg Walden, for standing up for us and shame on the FCC for its Internet takeover.

Joshua Dawson


Reitz for Position 1

How wonderful that there are three candidates for the Position 1 School Board seat. I applaud a community where folks are committed to getting involved and making things happen. That is why I will be voting for Chris Reitz.

Chris is a doer. She walks the walk. I have seen her in action and when this woman gets involved, it’s full steam ahead! I have known Chris for over 10 years. She is one of the finest people I know.

I have had the opportunity to work with her on the Waterfront Park. I have been a board member with the Waterfront Community Park Association for seven years, leading the Adopt A Plot Program since its inception.

Whenever we needed help with fundraising or Community Weeding Days, Chris has never hesitated to step in and get her hands dirty, which she does in her own adopted plot! She realizes the value and importance of the Waterfront Community Park and has used the park as the staging ground for the very popular Gorge Kids Triathlon since its beginning in 2011. Chris is the co-founder of the triathlon and has put countless hours and energy into creating an incredible experience for the kids of the gorge. Its popularity continues to grow each year.

Chris and husband Max are committed parents to their kids Joe and Jill, who attend Westside School. Still, Chris finds time to continue to volunteer. She is a board member with the Providence Child Center Foundation. She was a Westside Elementary School PTO member for 2 years, served on the Westside School Site Council and is currently the PTO vice president. She was an Advisory Board Member with New Parent Services of Hood River County for 2 years and currently works as a Hood River Warming Shelter Volunteer.

Chris cares about our community and will be a wonderful addition to the school board. She is thoughtful, hardworking, dedicated and determined. She embodies the quote by Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Elect Chris Reitz and you elect someone with the knowledge, heart and energy to make a difference.

Marge Gale

Waterfront Park Community Park Association Board Member Adopt A Plot Organizer

Hood River

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