Thanks, Hood River News

I’d like to thank the editor of the Hood River News, Kirby Neumann-Rea, and all the staff for producing an important and informative newspaper in our community.

We are fortunate to have a local newspaper, where many communities do not.

We are fortunate to hear diverse voices, especially ones we may not agree with, on a spirited opinion page. We are treated to travelogues by local writers. We learn about local personalities, community events, political developments, sports, arts and education.

The photos and writing reach a high level of excellence and the Hood River News has deservedly received numerous awards for its quality. I encourage you to subscribe if you don’t already, because the Hood River News is a fine representation of our Gorge community and, even more importantly, our right to free speech and a vital free press.

Mark Reynolds

Hood River

‘Slippery slope’

Gun control laws are a very slippery slope. If we allow the application of sanity to this issue, we eventually wouldn’t be able to shoot each other anymore. Who wants that?

David Warnock

Hood River

Just ‘caws’

Let’s say there is a comedian who works with an incredibly talented crow on his shoulder … and let’s say in an effort to create sidesplitting jocularity and monumental moments of merriment, these two would team up to express just one word. The crow would say “CAW.” The comedian would add “casian.” Hilarious? No doubt. But I have a question that needs an answer: Is the absurd man and bird promoting white nationalism? By the way, be kind to our crows and if you see fit … please give to their “CAWS.”

Bill Davis

Hood River

Buzz word

Quotation from Susan Crowley in Saturday’s paper: “Our local parks serve all community members, particularly those of modest income.”

Problem: Those of modest income cannot afford to live in Hood River. As a native of Hood River, it is sad to see our town, which was once an affordable place to live, become one that is not.  Let’s face it —newcomers don’t really care about affordable housing — just a buzz word.

Ruth Turner

Hood River

Need housing, not a park

Lawyer Susan Crowley and her followers have decided for the City of Hood River to deprive 65 low income families (approximately 100 children and several senior citizens) a place to call home. As the homeless situation worsens in our country and our elected officials try to find ways for affordable housing, a small group of community activists have saved little-used Morrison Park for their own use. I have, in the past few months, stopped at the park several times and have not seen anyone at the park. It also is not being maintained or developed. The Columbia Cascade Housing Corporation (CCHC) developed an excellent plan for two acres for housing and the remaining three acres to remain a park. The apartment complex and parking would sit south of Interstate 84. This is not desirable land for a park.

Yes, you folks saved a few trees, but what you really did is give the message in our community that you don’t care about housing for low income families. Because of Susan Crowley’s many-years fight against this housing development, thousands of federal dollars have been lost that were spent to develop plans for this particular housing development.

Tracey Tomashpol, a leader of the new Park Initiative Measure 14-67, said there are vacant lands owned by the city and county that could be used for “admirable” purposes like affordable housing. Susan Crowley, Tracey Tomashpol and Brian Carlstrom can now sit in their comfortable homes and be happy that they saved Morrison Park from marginalized people in this community. It is sickening to me that you think you have such an important mission, when you really only care about yourselves and places to play.

Over my 35 years living in this community, I often go to the parks and not many people are there (except Children’s Park, Waterfront Park and Jackson Park). We have a lot of parks in this small rural area, but we don’t have enough low-income housing. Now, the housing development will not be built, and you Open Space Protectors have a legacy you have made for yourselves. It is too bad you never met the families who needed a place to call home.

Nancy Johanson-Paul

Hood River

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