Donald Trump claims his plan for funding infrastructure repairs will generate at least $1.5 trillion. Yet, only $200 million will come from federal funding. All the rest will come from the states, even if those repairs and replacements are on federal highways. He also said he would get lower prices for prescription drugs. Well, this turns out to be nothing more than two more of his lies. Now he is blackmailing Democrats in congress, saying none of this will happen until and unless Democrats drop all investigations of him or any part of his administration. He liked this blackmail plan so well he is now threatening Mexico the same way. What an intelligent, compassionate and honest president we have — NOT!

Gary Fields

Hood River

Morrison Park 

Please be advised, Mayor Blackburn, that Morrison Park petitioner Susan Crowley is not, as you put it, “a minority of one holding up the will of elected leadership of the city” (Hood River News, June 5). Before you leave for Washington, D.C., you will discover — if you care to look — there are thousands of us who support Crowley’s efforts and most of us find the city council’s “will” appalling where Morrison Park is concerned.

David Hupp

Hood River

No on HB 2015

Answering (Alejandro Cano’s letter) on May 29, “Pass HB 2015”:

Dear Citizens of Hood River County: Let me say this first, my mother (stepmother, who took care of me since I was 3 years old) was a Mexican Indian who was smuggled into the U.S.A. aboard a train in a gunny sack in 1923; I have a half-breed brother that I dearly love; and a Filipino wife, who took me two years and about $2,000 to get here legally. She cannot get any federal assistance or any state assistance (no food stamps, no Medicaid, Medicare for five years.)

I am not a racist, homophobic, White American, Black American, Latino American; but I am an American who happens to be white and believes in this republic of America, which is governed by laws. These people who you are trying to help are not Oregonians; I do not question that they are good people, but they have broken the law and as such, have no rights that we American citizens that obey the law have.

If you really want to help them, then help them to do the right thing and not try to reward them for breaking the law by trying to change the laws we have. As you state, they do not meet the requirements. Help them meet the requirements (come here legally), not change our laws to reward them. Vote No on HB2015.

Mike Harrington

Hood River

Thank you, Paul Blackburn

I am a native of Hood River and thankful I grew up in this small town where we could afford to live and work. But as more people “discover” Hood River, move here and change what we had, it is difficult to live with. I would like to thank Paul Blackburn especially for his work as mayor in caring about affordable housing (a buzz word to many). By the way, I never heard of Morrison Park until two years ago.

Ruth Turner

Hood River

Robbed of Morrison Park

Mayor Blackburn is in dire need of a mental examination. How else could he forget all the people besides Susan Crowley, myself included, who have stood before him at the city council meetings to testify against developing Morrison Park. Good riddance to the developer puppet when he leaves in September. Shame on this rag of a newspaper for giving Blackburn and his developer buddies an unquestioned platform in which to rob our city of one of its parks.

Jay Chrisman

The Dalles

Frustrating, predictable

The June 1 article about the first county commission meeting following the May election was both frustrating and predictable. No sooner had the ballots been counted showing the majority of Hood River county voters clearly rejected tax increases, certain forces were present pushing their own agendas … again.

Liz Whitmore, who headed up the campaign to push the tax measures, was quoted demanding that the commission begin cutting services to residents immediately, as this was a threat made by her campaign in order to try and pass the taxes.

Even though the county budget committee hasn’t called for that action, Whitmore wants county residents who rejected the tax hikes punished now for their actions. Sadly, this kind of agenda-driven focus from unelected community activists is becoming all too prevalent in our area. It’s the kind of myopic thinking that has led to the give-away of city park land for housing and the belief that our area’s parking and transportation needs can be solved with more e-bikes and flip-flops.

Rather than spending county resources on hiring a consultant to give advice on how to pass a tax increase, it is time for the commission to bring in someone who can advise on how county and city services could be consolidated to increase efficiency and protect taxpayers. Maybe this is the real question that should be referred to the voters?

Ken Ebi

Hood River

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