Pass SB 734

The Oregon Legislature is fighting passage of Senate Bill 734, a healthcare proposal that would ensure you have access to the primary care provider of your choice. Naturopathic physicians make a significant contribution to the healthcare delivery system across the state. Over 800 licensed NDs provide primary care and preventative services, working in partnership with other providers for the best patient outcomes. Annually, Oregon spends more than $20 million in taxpayer dollars to incentivize primary care providers to stay in practice, while at the same time leaving unchecked the system that is forcing clinic doors to close and leaving patients out of care.
This injustice prevents many people from choosing the provider(s) they rely on for their healthcare. NDs in Oregon currently make between 40-60 percent less than all other primary care providers (PCPs), and are the only PCPs facing this wage discrimination. The cost is minimal, $1.5 million per biennium.
With three weeks left in the legislative session, the legislature needs to invest in increasing the state’s available healthcare workforce by passing SB 734.
Emma Neiworth Petshow, ND, CPT
Hood River
Prioritize housing
About Lot 700 — no, about our city council: I’m so proud of you for prioritizing housing over recreation, in a town that worships recreation. I’m proud of you for standing up to the criticism of people who already have stable housing, in a town where so many servers, teachers, bartenders, kiteboarding instructors and cooks don’t have stable housing. I’m proud of you for using city resources to provide housing, in a town where it’s the right thing to do. I only wish there were more like you.
Heidi Venture
Hood River
‘Lies, lies, lies’
There is nothing Donald J. Trump won’t lie about. Nothing, absolutely nothing. In his first 869 days in office, he lied 10,796 times (CNN political/fact-checking website). That is 12.5 lies per day. OMG what an embarrassment to this nation.
Gary Fields
Hood River
Editor’s note: According to the Washington Post’s fact-checker, last updated June 7 and referenced by CNN in an article on June 10, President Trump has made 10,796 false or misleading claims since he was sworn into office on Jan. 20, 2017.

Shelter is more important
Driving to Hood River from Cascade Locks, I saw more homeless camped out on Herman Creek Road; I also see them in Cascade Locks and on the causeway to Government Rock. Hood River, like so many other desirable places to live, has a shortage of housing; some in county leadership tell us that their employees have to live outside the area and then drive into Hood River. 
I’ve never seen Morrison Park. I have seen people sleeping on the street, sleeping in the woods, and I have to ask myself what’s more important: That people have shelter for their families or a park. Sorry, park lovers, I’ll vote for shelter every time. I don’t even let my dog sleep outside. 
My thanks to Mayor Blackburn for his contributions to our county. He’s done much more than be mayor — I’ve seen him working for schools for your children and now taking a stand for housing. Thanks for all you’ve done here.
Rob Brostoff
Cascade Locks
Charging ahead
A subject dealing with transportation is dessert to me.

Had the Forth representative presented her message with photos in lieu of words, then my reply to the port would be, “Shame on YOU all for hesitating to jump on it with all-fours!”
Quoting: “A charging station only requires one parking space.” (I’ve visited the unit at the east end of Cascade Locks adjacent to the “main drag,” noting that it was an attractive installment. I would submit a photo, but I don’t have one.)
Years ago, as an elected CAT Board Member, I suggested installing an electric car charging station in CAT’s Park and Ride east end area, since a Pacific Power line skims along adjacent to its east side. (Not the director’s “cup-of-tea.”)
(I have suggested to the port that they consider, with the bridge replacement project, adding a two story park-and-ride structure.)
I fail to understand how this service would benefit The Next Door more than Rosauers or Safeway. However, if numbers are a factor, let’s consider the HRVHS multi-use parking areas.
If Forth could design a unit to appear as a “wind surfer,” then that should fly with the port.
Alan Winans
Hood River
Editor’s note: The letter refers to the June 8 article “Electric car-share program could come ‘Forth’ to Hood River,” a proposal by Forth, a Portland non-profit trade association, involving parking spaces and temporary charging stations provided by the program.

Do this instead

Hi, my name is Chris. I am going to tell you to not drink and drive and don’t play a lot of video games and don’t put trash on Earth. Instead you can go biking and skateboarding.
Christopher Cruz
Wy’east Middle School
Have a fun summer
I would like to tell you the details of a planned summer. Here are some ideas you can do. Good things to do for a fun summer are:
1. Art that you like to make
2. Camping with family and friends
3. Paint the wilderness
4. Swim safely
5. Make healthy food
Instead of drinking please do one of the top options.
Things to not do for a fun summer:
1. Please do not drink and drive
2. Please do not drink in front of kids
3. Please do not be irresponsible with alcohol
4. Please do not get in trouble with drinking
5. Please do not do drugs
Cheyenne Baker
Wy’east Middle School
‘Life is awesome’
Hi, my name is Esteban and I am in Health Media Club. During the summer I like working at picking cherries to earn money and buy good stuff. I also like going on field trips and going to parties. Some games and cake make a party fun. Life is awesome!
Esteban Trejo
Wy’east Middle School

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