Confused local

The Dunning-Kruger effect is a real psychological phenomenon which occurs “when people fail to adequately assess their level of competence and consider themselves much more competent than everyone else.” In essence, they think they know much more than they actually do.

I am certain I have exhibited this behavior at times. However, I am not considered a leader, so my words and actions have minimal effect on the masses. People who take on leadership roles, like teachers and religious leaders, have a much higher burden to ensure veracity with their words and actions.

I have been exposed to Christian, Muslim, and Jewish teachings, which all preach tolerance and compassion, aka “Love Thy Neighbor.” Not all local religious leaders seem aware of this basic tenet.

If I were seeking a local church or spiritual leader, I would find it difficult to follow anyone whose basis for religious practice is superiority and derogatory comments about everyone else.

Steve Kaplan

Hood River

Not ‘clever’

I am glad that there are those that have taken note of news regarding cities, counties, states and corporations that are making efforts to reduce greenhouse gases and related effects on climate (Alan Winans, “More Little,” June 17). But to credit Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Accord as spurring these actions is naïve and uninformed. These efforts have been ongoing for up to 10 years and were spurred by the presence, not the absence of, strong federal leadership that supports “small government” and particularly corporations through investments for emerging technologies, tax credits, policy and price signals, etc.

It is not, in this case, a matter of “less big government equals more little government action,” as Mr. Winans asserts; rather, by avoiding leadership and engagement on climate change, Mr. Trump has undermined valuable momentum nationally, and globally and left little government having to fill yet another national void.

There is, however, some parallel with the Tom Sawyer analogy used by Mr. Winans when he says, “Hats off to you, Mr. Trump” for being “clever” to get someone else to paint the fence. It is that our cities and counties must paint a fence that extends across state and international borders in the absence of a brush from Mr. Trump and with the message that it doesn’t really matter if you paint the fence well, or at all, really.

Hats off indeed to Tom Sawyer, who at least knew the outcome mattered.

Cathy Higgins

Hood River

‘Official rose’

I would like to nominate a certain rose as the official Hood River Rose.

It is everywhere. I have seen it every year for the last 10 years that I have lived here. It is a rambler, brick red and about three inches in diameter. It has a yellow center. When you drive around you see it in both private yards and businesses. After a little bit of research, I believe that it is Rosa Dr. Huey.

Please Google it — you will recognize it immediately. Dr. Huey is a rootstock rose. The plant is used to graft desirable roses to it to propagate the named plant. All these red rose bushes are in fact a memorial to what was. The cultivated rose is long gone. By the way, whenever I see a Dr. Huey in my yard, I prune it with a shovel.

John Stevens

Hood River


Greg Walden got only one thing right it his May 4 released comments on the House passage of the American Health Care Act. That one thing is found in this quote from his comments about the Republican’s goals: “Our commitment to rebuild our health insurance markets.” The rest of the sentence goes on to say, “And provide relief to the American people.”

This godawful bill does very little, if anything, for people needing health insurance. It is all about health insurance companies’ profits. It does not, as Walden claims, “put patients, families and their doctors first.” This bill puts health insurance companies first and provides huge tax breaks for high income households.

What, I wonder, does a health care bill have to do with giving the wealthy tax breaks? Those breaks? Repeal tax hikes on high income households and expands the contribution limits on tax-advantage accounts. Accounts most households cannot afford to take advantage of. This bill was rushed through, at high speed, by Republicans so there would not be time for an official accounting of the financial effects on the American people.

Walden said, “Simply put, the American people deserve better than what they received under Obamacare and the American Health Care Act delivers.“ BS, Mr. Walden.

Gary Fields

Hood River

‘Affordable’ nothing

My family dodged another one! I was concerned that the Republican health care act might leave me without coverage.

No need to worry now. Obamacare has already taken care of that. Effective Jan. 1, 2018, there are no insurance companies offering coverage in Klickitat County. And it is affordable, no dollars for no coverage! Yippie skippy … any liberal Oregon democrats want to adopt us?

Steve Nybroten

Hood River

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