Democrats in Congress now have the perfect opportunity to “fight fire with fire.” Trump has ordered his lapdogs to refuse any and all subpoenas and to provide no requested documents of any kind to any Democrat investigation committee. Now, Democrat lawmakers have the right and obligation to do the exact same thing to Attorney General Barr’s “investigation of the investigators.” The only thing they should give Barr is a raised fist.

Gary Fields

Hood River

Rethink plastics

Movie: The Graduate — Mr. McGuire’s “one word” to young Ben (Dustin Hoffman): “PLASTIC.”

Ben: “Exactly how do you mean?”

Mr. McGuire: “There’s a great future in plastics. Think about it.”

It’s time to rethink plastics. Maybe it’s not so great after all.

While some people argue about climate change, and whether it is man-made or not, there is no denying man is the source of plastic trash. This is a no-brainer — buy less plastic! Cruising around the valley, our “consumption” of plastic is evident in curbside recycle bins. Finding a market for this plastic is challenging as China scales back. When shopping, make a conscious effort to switch from plastics to cardboard/paper, tin and other alternatives. Some alternatives are compostable. Milk and juice, laundry and dishwasher detergents, plus hand and bath soaps are examples. Hosting an event? Use real paper cups and plates. Google plastic forks to find earth-friendly choices. It is long overdue, but finally plastic pollution is gaining the attention of everyone. It ends up in the stomachs of wildlife or chokes them to death. A dead sperm whale washed up in Indonesia with 13 pounds of garbage in its stomach. The Albatrosses are feeding toothbrushes to their babies. Micro-beads of plastic are making their way into our food supply, too. If plastic products remain on the shelves, manufacturers will see this stuff matters to us and make changes.

Ricki Duckwall


‘It’s only 2:70’

Employers these days are sick and tired of the expression “time flies.” After all, if time flies, this means less employee production and efficiency in the workplace. So, as an employer, you’re probably asking, “What can I do to somehow slow down my employees’ day?” Try this: If a crew members asks, “Boss, what time is it?” Instead of foolishly replying, “It’s already 3:10,” you cleverly proclaim: “It’s only 2:70.”

Bill Davis

Hood River

Other fun things to do

Dear Editors, we had fun in Health Media. Health Media is learning about how you shouldn’t use drugs and alcohol and inspiring people to not drink. I have things we could not do and things that we can do. Things that adults and teens should not do are going to the bar in the summer and drinking and driving. Fun things that we can do are play soccer and play Fortnite.

Melia Tolle

Grade 6, Wy’east Middle School


Life is good

Hi, my name is Alonso. At summer I go pick cherries and pears and after that I go get stuff and go on field trips. I know alcohol affects my heart, so I choose to not drink. Life is good.

Alonso Castillo

Grade 7, Wy’east Middle School

Don’t drink alcohol

If you drive, drink water or anything else that has no contents of alcohol. You can drink lemonade, water, coffee, etc. Just nothing with alcohol because your and everybody else’s lives matter.

A message from a Wy’east Health Media member.

Ethan Hillmick

Grade 6, Wy’east Middle School

The dangers of drinking

Dear Editor, I would like to tell you that parties and barbecues that have alcohol might have people who are under the influence of alcohol. We don’t want to have children not be safe. We don’t want people to drink and drive. When people drive drunk, they do stupid stuff that can put not just us in trouble, but them too. We want to enforce the rules a lot more. Please don’t drink when you are underage.

Layla Whiteside

Grade 7, Wy’east Middle School

Rebuttal to ‘Stuck in limbo’

Rebuttal to “Stuck in limbo,” written by Karen Harding in regard to Julia Smith (printed in the May 22 edition of the Hood River News).

As you are concerned for Julia Smith’s life being stuck in limbo while we wait for the court system to hear the case revolving around the tragic death of Cyrus Macioroski, I am equally concerned that justice be served for Cyrus and that all facts and truths are apparent to our court system.

Our family is also stuck in limbo and will be forever. The limbo of what ifs. “What if” the laws of the Oregon Department of Education had been implemented and executed by Julia Smith, prior to that tragic day, May 15, 2018? Would the results be different?

I commend you for stating that you do not have all the facts surrounding this tragic case. Your friend, Julia Smith, may have accomplished many things in her career while employed by the Oregon Department of Education, but we Oregonians do not need to recognize, celebrate or provide affirmation for doing a good job when doing the right thing is what is expected from one’s self.

The concern that her life is in limbo and on hold is nothing compared to Cyrus’ earthly life being in limbo and on hold forever.

In loving memory of Cyrus, I love you forever. — Grandma.

Suzie Root


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