Not impressed

I just got home from Rosauers. Had a steak in mind for supper. There was a big surprise at the store: Beef prices have really jumped up in just a couple of weeks.

Now, I’m willing to bet that the beef industry has not cut any production of beef. They have plenty of inventory walking around. They kill so many each week and that number has not declined. However, a double threat of a big beef holiday and also looming tariffs is in the future.

Beef prices are going to rise big time in the future as a result of the Trump tariffs. Demand for beef declines and ranchers sell off and produce fewer beef. Kill numbers will then go down and prices rise. The same is true for our other imported items

The result is we better get used to reminding ourselves how badly we are hurting China, Canada and Mexico every time we have to open our wallets wider. Everyone knows that the burden for this is going to be paid for by the American consumer.

When will Trump ever listen to someone and get off his power and ego trips? We are watching and the world is watching, and so far, nobody is very impressed.

John Stevens

Hood River

Minority of one

In the recent Hood River News story about the effort by citizens to preserve Morrison Park, the mayor of Hood River, supposedly a progressive town, said something so misleading and downright dumb that it really got my hackles up. Apparently, the mayor, in his words, finds it “frustrating that a minority of one can hold up the will of elected leadership.” A “minority of one” … really? Mayor Blackburn is referring to Susan Crowley, who, on behalf of Protect Our Parks, a Hood River nonprofit park advocacy group, filed a successful appeal with the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals.

Using the mayor’s corrupt logic, 9-year-old Linda Brown in Brown vs. The Board of Education was also a “minority of one.” That case struck down segregation in our nation’s schools. How about the current vitally important case in the national news, Juliana vs. the United States? This “minority of one” represents a whole slew of young plaintiffs (standing in for an entire nation of children) who are suing the government for the government’s affirmative actions that cause climate change, rightly claiming that it has violated the youngest generation’s constitutional rights to life, liberty, and property, as well as failed to protect essential public trust resources. Thank God for the “minorities of one” like Susan, Linda and Juliana who have stepped forward throughout history to challenge their elected authorities in an effort to make the world a better place by overturning senseless policies like segregation and park disposal!

I urge everyone to celebrate “the one” by showing the mayor just how really big this “O N E” is that wants to protect Hood River Parks. Please sign the City Parks Initiative petition (contact to get park protection on the ballot so it won’t be necessary to go to such legal lengths to overturn short-sighted actions like sacrificing our very limited supply of parks in Hood River. Once they are gone, there’s no getting them back.

Daniel Dancer

Hood River

Do better

Thank you, Nancy Johanson Paul, for a wise letter (“Prayers can only go so far”) on June 5. One of her points was about video games being addictive as a release for negative emotions and teaching our young men the notion of “blast the lot of them from the face of the earth.”

There have been many substances and devices that have been sold to the American public as pleasureful to imbibe, fun to play, okay to use to kill weeds or to power factories. The companies who made these raked in profit and, when there turn out to be unforeseen side effects, the companies have covered it up in order to continue to make a profit. The tobacco industry has been found liable for cover up and lying and is now paying the piper. Roundup, it seems, is about to be banned, since it has now been proved to be carcinogenic. Coal is known to cause black lung disease, but continues to belch its toxic self up chimney stacks, because no one wants to stop making money.

Should we add toxic video games to the list? Bluetooth headphones? Albacore tuna? Plastic bags? When will we get smart enough to not flock to use some new chemical or device just because it seems easy or attractive? And, when scientists try to persuade people that vaccines against measles are truly needed and safe, why do we wonder that some just can’t believe or trust that this is true? Scientists in the pay of corporations have ruined the credibility of science, and this is a terrible disservice. Only caution, research by disinterested people, and telling the truth can help us in this conundrum.

Our sciences have developed way beyond our social understanding of its implications and our ability to control corporate greed and our consumer society. We must do better.

Alison McDonald

Hood River


I drove by a sign this week that produced a profound sense of nausea. It motivated me to look up actual Bible quotes to see if I have misinterpreted the words and actions of Jesus. The first two quotes below speak about tolerance and love, while the third speaks of those who misrepresent the teachings of Jesus Christ.

“Judge not, that ye be not judged.” — Matthew 7:1. “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” — Matthew 22:39. “But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will also be false teachers among you, who will secretly introduce destructive heresies.” — 2 Peter 2:1.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people of all faiths, backgrounds and identities were tolerated and accepted as easily as ignorance seems to be? WWJD?

Steve Kaplan

Hood River

Affordable housing

I think it’s wonderful all the support some folks are giving Lot 700/Morrison park. But did you use it before the city sold it? Have any of you looked into who the city sold it to? Everyone keeps screaming “developer” like it’s a bad word.

Look up Mid-Columbia Housing Authority and see what they are about. 
In our community, there are a lot of folks that really struggle for a roof over their head, get school lunch assistance, or are disabled. This development will be for them. The city was able to sell it for $1, which keeps the cost down so those in need will be able to afford safe, clean and close to transportation homes. There is no threat to any other parks in Hood River, and this area had been a placeholder the city decided what to do with.

Please be a responsible citizen and do your research on issues. You may have earned what you have now, but that doesn’t mean you didn’t have “any” help along the way. Help the neediest of our community so they can finish school, save money for a new place, deal with a family crisis or just have a safe place. They are not building fancy condos or homes like Katie Lane. No one is going to be selling these for profit after two to five years. Let’s not disown those that have less.

Joe Sheahan

Hood River

Respect public property

 I am sure the Girl Up 5K Run was a great success, judging from the amount of chalk enthusiasm written on the road, but it also appears that at the start and midway points, a spray can was used to mark the pavement. This may be temporary paint, but I think it is not. It is going to be a long hot dry summer of looking at that much event specific graffiti unless we get a couple of huge rains, or the girls use some of that energy to go out and leave no trace of their event by cleaning it up. I believe it is also illegal to paint the pavement in public parks. And it might be seen by the boys as something of a challenge that they must outdo. Graffiti is already a big problem along the paths up the Hood River and around the rail yard.

Please teach respect for public property along with the excellent competitive and supportive messages you are there to provide.

John Wood

Hood River

   Editor’s note:  GirlUp members were contacted and said they had not intended the marks be permanent; a volunteer had used paint they believed to be washable. The group has called a paving company to repair the damage with a black top coat.

Thanks, Paul 

Over the 35 years I have lived in Hood River, I think Mayor Paul Blackburn has been the best mayor for the City of Hood River. Mayor Blackburn has welcomed all people, including residents, tourists and businesspersons.

He started for the first time the Latino Advisory Committee and promoted inclusive leadership. Mayor Blackburn has participated regularly with the Tsuruta /Hood River Sister Cities organization including meeting with the delegates from Tsuruta, supporting fundraisers and traveling to Tsuruta in 2017 representing Hood River in a dignified and gracious manner. I have seen the mayor welcome people at many Hood River City events, and he worked tirelessly and patiently to see more affordable housing including low income housing (which has decreased over the past 25 years). Mayor Blackburn and his wife, Dr. Kristen Dillon, have welcomed local people many times to their home for their musical home concerts. Mayor Blackburn has been the mayor since 2014 and has worked hard as a mayor all of those years. The mayor position is a volunteer position with a small stipend. It will be our huge loss when Mayor Blackburn leaves Hood River in September! It is sad that some people here can’t see the bright light shining through the trees and only focus on their short-sighted cause and, as a result, condemn our mayor.

I know by working for 25 years in this community at the Next Door, and with many families with young children, the difference that Paul has made in our community. We do live in a community of people who work hard so we can all thrive. Mayor Blackburn, along with many others, has made Hood River a good place to raise children. Mayor Blackburn “walks the talk.” How many mayors will greet you in a friendly and kindly manner when you see him in another town while he is on vacation? Thank you, Paul Blackburn, for your great service to the City of Hood River!

Nancy Johanson Paul

Hood River

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