Thank you, Chuck

Thank you Chuck Thomsen for standing firm on the Cap and Gains issue that would negatively impact the majority of Oregonians. Special interest groups more often than not are nothing more than playground bullies. They can’t get a majority of voters to approve their bills, so they get other groups, usually from out of state and almost always with money to spend, to push through their “special interest” bills. Don’t be fooled by their carefully chosen words, search out the facts for yourself! I think you will see that Chuck Thomsen looks out for the best interest of all Oregonians, not just a hand full.

Kari Gobe 

Cascade Locks


Sen. Chuck Thomsen doesn’t understand that politics is the art of living with people you don’t necessarily agree with. That art involves negotiations, cajoling, compromise and, yes, sometimes losing. But, just walking out when you don’t get your way? That’s not politics. That’s just plain childish.

Thomas Keffer

Hood River


Wow! I love the message and impact of the Hood River News’ Saturday, March 14 edition.

When I went out to get my paper, I first thought that there was a printing error. Then I sat down and looked at it. Wham! Talk about an effective way to get the message across. I momentarily felt grief that our local paper could possibly not be here anymore. Then I tuned the page and the world was right again, well ... with the exception of the COVID-19 disruptions.

I just wanted you to know how much I value our local newspapers, not only for the OSU Hood River Extension Master Gardeners publicity that you provide for us, but for what these publications GIVE to me. Information, insight, a sense of community and belonging to this place we call home.

Margo Dameier

Hood River


It is troubling that Sen. Chuck Thomsen and the Oregon Republicans are again willing to spike democracy to avoid a vote in the Oregon legislature.

In a political climate of impunity and cronyism, this is not a good precedent for Oregon. In addition to the denial of the democratic process, is the hypocrisy exposed when during the legislative session, a Hood River orchardist, who benefits from special property tax rates, free use of the public’s roads to market his crops, and an almost unlimited use of the public’s water, packs his polos and shorts and heads for his vacation home in Arizona.

The legislature is obligated to do the work of the people and to address the complex legal and financial responsibilities of the state. Chuck refused to do his duty and deserves to be recalled and replaced.

Mark Reynolds 

Hood River

One job

This viral plague brings with it a not insignificant silver lining: The toxic rain of the orange menace is over. He had but one job. As long as he didn’t kill the economy, he was free to destroy the lives of as many people who don’t count as he could.

Now that the economy is on the ropes, the oligarchs will diminish his influence because he is a moron.

 He will not be reelected.

David Warnock      

Hood River


The issue of political shut-down strikes is not whether our senator was a previously good guy or not. The issue is about our senator’s dereliction of sworn duty to the State of Oregon. It is also about his duties as an employee of the State of Oregon. Senate District 26 elected him to represent us in all matters. We did not demand that he win his side of the argument in all matters, rather that he engage with the opposition, try to make things work as well as possible, bring things to a vote, and be there to vote whether his idea wins or loses. That’s the Democratic Process, by which our country lives and dies. You can’t just walk off the field because a particular political battle is going to be lost. Walking off the job in lock-step fashion didn’t mean the striker’s got their way, it just sadly meant that a lot of very important state problems didn’t get discussed thoroughly and even partially solved. It was a waste of time and taxpayer money, leaving the issues still there, just getting worse. It’s time for a voter initiative to put job accountability and consequences for striking politicians by either party into our State Constitution.

Richard McBee

Hood River

‘Thank you for your service’

Whether it’s always appropriate to say “thank you for your service” to a veteran has been a subject of debate. While I most definitely appreciate the commitment of those who have served and are serving in our military forces, today I say “thank you for your service” to the many healthcare providers in our country and in our state and especially in our community. In the face of the current pandemic, countless individuals continue to put themselves in harm’s way because it is their job; it is their commitment to us. As I’m writing this, fear is becoming the dominant emotion and, by the time you read this, it will only be worse. I’m choosing to be grateful for all who are stepping up to get us through the present crisis. The fear won’t disappear entirely, but gratitude and love can be given enough weight to at least break its back.

Doug Roof

Hood River


It is nice to try to slow the latest bad flu, to keep the vulnerable safe. However, I have noticed that some healthy people are afraid of death due to virus. Folks, if you are healthy, it will be an unpleasant flu. That’s all. The current reaction to the latest bad coronavirus is way out of proportion. Instead of banning large gatherings, urge those of weak health from participating in large gatherings.

Adrian Fields

Hood River

Local heroes

I want to take a moment to say thank you to all the grocery store clerks, gas station attendants, first aid responders and anyone else that might not have the option to work from home. It’s unclear where all this uncertainty will lead, and I wish you peace and sanity while it sorts itself out. You’re definitely heroes to me and I appreciate your presence in our community.

Avery Hoyt 

White Salmon

‘Fir Mountain thank you’

Thank you to Hood River News Reporter Emily Fitzgerald for the front page awareness regarding illegal trash dumping in our valley. Thank you to Hood River County Sheriff Probation Officer Ben Porter for facilitating the Fir Mountain clean-up. Thank you to Andy Wells with Hood River County Forestry in accommodating an area closure. And … thank you to those valley residents who have reached out to me offering assistance in the clean-up and maintaining a vigilance on area activity.  All is greatly appreciated.

Jeff Cooper

Fir Mountain, Hood River 

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