‘No bones’
On July 17, 2019, Donald Trump said, “I don’t have a racist bone in my body.” There are a number of other bones he does not have in his body, for instance truthful bones, integrity bones, honesty bones, empathy bones, humane bones, respectful bones, diplomatic bones, smart bones, etc., etc. etc.
The only bone he really has is that completely solid one between his ears.
Gary Fields
Hood River

Second chance
The Oregon League of Conservation Voters (OLCV) puts out an annual “score card” that tallies our state legislators’ record on environmentally-significant votes.
The 2019 scorecard has just been released and Sen. Chuck Thomsen’s tally for 2019 is only 23 percent pro-environment, even worse than his lifetime score of 27 percent. But OLCV was kind enough to give “incompletes” to him and his colleagues who voted to send HB 2020, the Clean Energy Jobs bill, back to committee instead of allowing a vote on the bill itself to take place.
Fortunately for Sen. Thomsen, this gives him an opportunity to redeem his silence on climate action with a more courageous, enlightened, responsible approach in upcoming climate votes.
I hope he’ll take this opportunity. It will give him a better environmental score and us a better future.
Sen. Thomsen’s disappearing stunt last session has not been forgotten by those of us he is supposed to represent.
Whether or not he chooses to run again, I hope he stands for Oregon’s values instead of holding the party line.
Susan Lannak
Hood River

Not clever
Sheriff Bob Songer’s “clever” poster, which he displayed at a Nov. 12 meeting of the Klickitat County Republican Party, comparing Americans who support any type of gun control measures to strongarm dictators was shocking, offensive and mean-spirited.
Clearly, we the people are lined up on both sides of the gun control issue. People on both sides feel extremely strongly about their position. It has not been easy to communicate respectfully with each other and discuss this issue, and now our sheriff has made it worse.
Name calling, denigrating and comparing Americans who love their country to historic dictators and murderers is not only offensive, but closes the door to honest and meaningful debate. I thought our elected sheriff was responsible to us all. I guess not. How sad.
Pam Tindall
White Salmon

Embassies for sale
Recently, many Oregonians became aware of a Portland hotelier named Gordon Sondland, prominently featured in the house investigation. Mr. Sondland has been a fixture in the Republican Party apparently for years. His wife was chairwoman of the OIC (Oregon Investment Council) several years ago, appointed by the governor, probably Gov. Kitzhaber. The OIC chooses the investments the treasury puts money into, a large portion of which is for PERS. He owns many hotels in Portland, among them the Heathman, Sentinel, DeLuxe, Lucia, Dossier, all located in Portland, and he has others in other states. 
When our current president was about to be inaugurated, Mr. Sondland, who wanted to be an ambassador decided to give the inaugural committee $1 million.
Apparently, he didn’t want it to become common knowledge, as he created multiple LLCs and had them give the money to our president’s inaugural committee through them. This purchased the E.U. ambassadorship for him, which led to his involvement in the Ukraine fiasco. 
Many presidents have sold ambassadorships, although none to the degree that the current administration has. Mr. Sondland was woefully unqualified to hold this office and ended up in front of Adam Schiff’s committee on TV, embarrassing his wife and three children and opening himself up to possible charges of lying to Congress.
Should these offices be for sale, I’d vote no, and Mr. Sondland makes my case for me. It makes more sense to hire trained professionals than to sell these offices.
Rob Brostoff
Cascade Locks

False Walden report
Addressing Greg Walden’s letter in the Nov. 23 edition, I must call foul!
Walden voted to cut thousands off reproductive healthcare that would restrict care for more than 72,000 men, women, and young people, including HIV and STD tests, breast and cervical cancer screenings, birth control and basic reproductive care.
Since 2014, Walden has voted against the needs of the majority of Oregon voters. He voted to roll back care for millions of patients in this country who rely on high quality, compassionate care from Planned Parenthood clinics.
And I haven’t even mentioned all the times he voted to take healthcare away from thousands of people by destroying Obamacare.
Trying to rewrite history, Mr. Walden?
John Hlavek
Hood River

Sense of place
What a phenomenal talk about Bradford Island put on by Go! Sense of Place. I’m sorry not every person from The Dalles to Cascade Locks was not there. I’m a native Hood River resident and had no idea about the resident fish advisory or the issues now being worked on at the island. I’ve been to Bonneville Dam but was ignorant about the rest of the space. I learned so much and have more connection to people that live, and work, in and around my community.
This organization’s mission is one to get on board with, especially now when we’re all so very divided and different. “The place in which we live connects us.”
Each time I’ve attended a Sense of Place lecture, I’m very glad I did and irritated that I didn’t bring more people with me.
Join me? The next one is Jan. 15. Mark your calendars!
P.S. Take a moment and connect with Columbia Riverkeeper at www.columbiariverkeeper.org.
Samantha Irwin
Hood River

For everyone
The Protect Our Parks measure, passed not because of privilege, NIMBY, or because of racism. The Protect Our Parks measure passed because it was the right thing to do for the future of our community.
Parks don’t care what color you are, parks don’t care how old you are or how much money you have in your pockets. Parks are for everyone.
Hood River is going to continue to increase in both population and density. In the future, we will need more parks not less. Hood River has now reached a point where parks can no longer be brushed aside claiming, “We are surrounded by thousands of acres of forest.”
Anybody that has lived here longer than about 5 years knows it is getting harder and harder to get to any green space, and when you get there, there are more rules and a lot more people.
The Protect Our Parks measure was to protect all city parks, because all city parks were at risk.
Outside the metro area and in towns over 4,000, Hood River had the highest voter turnout in the state. Almost 75 percent of Hood River City voters voted to protect all city parks. It is time for Hood River City Council to regain the trust of the community and reset the zoning clock on Morrison Park back to Open Space/Public Facility.
Jim Klaas
Hood River

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