Go to holiday bazaars
When I was a little girl, my Italian grandmother would take me and my sister to a Christmas bazaar. We had so much fun and always got a special treat for being good kids.
Ever since, I have made it a point to seek out and attend local bazaars. Over the years, we have been to St. Marks Church, where we bought handmade ornaments, wooden bird houses, tea towels, knit hats and other items made by local craftsmen. One birdhouse we bought was so big, we called it a condominium. Everyone we meet is in such a good mood.
At Spirit of Grace Church, we found yummy, fresh baked treats. From there, we were off to Odell to the Wy’east Community Church, were we found similar gifts and decided to partake in hot soup and homemade pie with ice cream and visit with other folks (some friends, some strangers) shopping there. Someone suggested that we go up to the church sanctuary to see a quilt display. When we entered, we stopped in our tracks; every pew was covered with handmade quilts, some so large they covered two or three pews.
It was a beautiful sight and made me think of my grandma and I got teary-eyed. They were designed for every  holiday and season and it turned out that everyone of them was made by our friend, Jean Stone. Wow!
From there we headed to the Community Building at the Fairgrounds, where we found more gift ideas and friends and neighbors to visit with.
I urge everyone to shop locally and support our local craft people. Now, I can hardly wait for the fire departments to start their annual parade of lights through each of our communities.
Mary Jette
Mt. Hood
Editor’s note: From Dec. 5 on, Jean Stone’s quilts will be on display at Wy’east Community Church.

House divided
Nov. 13, 2019, Hood River News, A4 Another Voice by Antonio Baptista: “To Walden: Raise your voice in support of impeachment.”
Did Mr. Baptista suggest this command in his letter? Not in my opinion.    
However, this command does suggest that the writer of these words has never opened that “Book of Wisdom.” This book contains the following truth: “A house divided against itself cannot stand!” President Lincoln and other famous leaders have quoted these words in their speeches. These words were first spoken by He who is referred to on our U.S. currency, “In God We Trust.” Coauthored and recorded in this Book of Wisdom by writers Matthew (12:25), Mark (3:24-25), and Luke (11:17) are these one liner truths, “will not stand,” “cannot stand,” and “will fall.” Therefore, “to whom it may concern,” please share with me a time when any political party member has strengthened its party by attacking its foundation.
Alan Winans
Hood River
Editor’s note: The headline for Antonio Baptista’s Nov. 13 Another Voice was chosen by the editor. Baptista submitted a Letter to the Editor (“Process matters”), printed Nov. 16, stating that the chosen headline did not “reflect the intent and content of the article.”

The walls continue to close in on Donald Trump, the most incompetent would-be dictator in U.S history.
Devon Nunez is now being implicated in the very crime that he is investigating as a member of the House Intelligence Committee. Perhaps before tackling corruption in Ukraine, we should deal with the corruption, cronyism, nepotism and misuse of taxpayer dollars in our own government, such as the $57,000 it cost Nunez to travel to Ukraine at Trump’s behest.
Are you aware that, according to 900 leaked messages, Stephen Miller, architect of Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda, is a white supremacist? Try to contain your shock.
According to an ABC News/Ispos poll, 70 percent of Americans support impeaching Trump in the House, followed by conviction in the Senate.
I’ll let Trump have the final word on his impeachment: “This is the end of my presidency.”
Benjamin Sheppard
Hood River

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