Rivera for Council
I decided not to run for the open seat on Hood River City Council after learning that Gladys Rivera had filed and I learned a little more about her.
As a younger person, a Latina, and as someone who has experienced homelessness in Hood River, I believe she will bring an important perspective to Council. I endorse her candidacy.
Peter Cornelison
Hood River

Not worth it
I would like you to discuss how you should tell others not to drink and drive. To tell them that you will have to pay a fine if you did. If you died, your parents would have to pay. You’d have to live with the guilt.
Aileen Gonzalez
Hood River Middle School 

Dear residents,
Please do not drink and drive. If you do, then you can hurt people and go to jail. You will have to pay money and stuff.
Alyssa Lee
Hood River Middle School 

Be safe
Most people knows what happens when you drink but when you mix drinking with driving, or anything with wheels  at the matter can cause trouble for yourself and others.
Please be safe, don’t drink drive.
Eva Estes
Hood River Middle School

Need solutions
The explosion of airport traffic and noise over the last four summers is destroying the livability of the west side of Hood River.
Given increased noise complaints, the port has designed a public outreach process. As the first step, the port and business owners decided to launch a publicity campaign. The Nov. 20 article about gliders was the first installment. Using the benign “soaring” moniker, the article ignores the overpowered plants that haul gliders aloft with a prolonged roar that permeates the entire valley. What selfish irony. The towing corporation sells the delusion of serenity for private profit, at our collective expense. Please tell the port commissioners and staff that we need real actions and solutions, not advertising. To connect with other residents who care, send an email to crobuck@gorge.net.
Chris Robuck
Hood River
Editor’s note: The article, “HRS wraps up 2019 season, looks to future” was printed on B5 of the Wednesday, Nov. 20 edition, and was submitted to the News as a press release independently from the Port of Hood River. The port has announced plans for a public outreach campaign related to airport activity but that campaign has yet to officially begin. 

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