Climate crisis
The scientists have spoken. The planet is speaking. The children are pleading. We must listen and act while we still can. Millions of people around the globe this past week came together to demand action to create a healthier, more sustainable and more equitable planet. Those of us with the privilege of voting power and consumer power also carry the responsibility to use these powers for a better shared future.
The consequences of inaction are stark. The National Climate Assessment concludes global warming is already “transforming where and how we live and presents growing challenges to human health and quality of life, the economy, and the natural systems that support us.” We can see impacts this decade from rising seas and melting glaciers, supercharged storms, bleaching coral reefs, floods and droughts, extended fire seasons and other unnatural disasters.
Science is sufficiently advanced that the outcomes are knowable. We have a choice, to act or continue in denial. In order to effectively address global warming, we must significantly reduce the amount of heat-trapping emissions we are putting into the atmosphere. The good news is that we have the technology and practical solutions available. As individuals, we can help by reducing our personal carbon emissions. But to fully address the threat of global warming, we must demand action from our elected officials to implement a comprehensive set of climate solutions. Please remember, there is no Planet B.
Beth Flake
Hood River
Impeach Trump
Impeachment and removal from office absolutely cannot come for Donald Trump soon enough. The man is a monster of cartoonish proportions, completely without conscience, and incapable of placing anybody’s needs before his own.
He is a deceitful, despicable human, a cancerous tumor on the body politic.
Donald Trump can be relied upon to commit the very offenses which he projects onto his opponents. He says Adam Schiff should be prosecuted for treason, while he, with the help of his cronies like AG Barr, have attempted to pressure the Ukrainian president and others into investigating his political rivals. He and his mouthpieces claim that Democrats are packing the court when he and the GOP have been doing that since they cheated Merrick Garland out of a Supreme Court appointment. He calls AOC, Nadler, Schiff and others savages, yet he has floated the idea of shooting immigrants trying to come into the country. He is monstrous.
Donald Trump has moved on from domestic abuse to forcibly violating the collective psyche of the whole country. Approximately 43 percent of us have dived headfirst into Stockholm Syndrome while the rest are just exhausted, beaten down and numb, just waiting for our chance to get out of this horrid, nightmarish relationship. He abuses, screws, manipulates, threatens and gaslights.
If ever there was an indictment of the electoral college as a way of keeping mobsters and demagogues from becoming president, this is it.
Impeach. Indict. Incarcerate.
Benjamin Sheppard
Hood River
Climate Emergency
We are in a Climate Emergency. We need to name it, deal with it, and adjust for it, starting yesterday (30 years ago, actually). Anyone who observes nature can see that vast webs of life on earth are dying.
What life so far? Sixty percent of all wildlife since 1970 (WWF), a third of all the birds in North America since 1970 (2.9 billion) and incalculable damage to aquatic life in the world’s rivers and oceans. The human death toll is rising due to heat waves, extreme weather and up to 1 billion climate migrants by 2050, per the UN. We are about to step through the door into a future that will be hot, harsh and incredibly hostile. In order to motivate ourselves to make the changes that will be necessary to ameliorate this crisis we need to call the situation what it is: A Climate Emergency.
On Sept. 23, youth and climate activists from Hood River and The Dalles asked their respective city councils to declare A Climate Emergency. We visited website and found a draft resolution that over 1000 local governments, in 19 different countries, have already signed on (check it out, it’s pretty impressive). We want our local governments to sign on too!
In the next several weeks, your city councilors will be deciding how to vote on this question. The Hood River City Council will consider this at their Oct. 16 meeting. If you care about what is happening to our climate and your future, then please contact your elected city councilors, and tell them this is important to you. Words matter, we need to start telling the truth. Their email addresses are on each city’s website.
 Lottie Bromham
HRVHS Earth Action Club
Peter Cornelison
Columbia Gorge Climate
Action Network
Editor’s note: Cornelison’s name was inadvertently left off this letter, which originally ran Oct. 2.

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