Question to Walden

Greg Walden is the elected representative to Congress of the people of this county. Every one of his interested constituents should call and email Mr. Walden to ask him a fairly simple question:

Mr. Walden, do you approve of the president’s recent public behavior, or do you not? If you disapprove of the president overtly seeking foreign help in discrediting his opponents, calling for charges of treason for other elected officials, threatening whistleblowers in the press — then your constituents need to hear that. Stand up and say you disapprove, and say what you think should be done about it.

Or, if you approve of all this, stand up and say that you think it’s fine, it’s not a problem! Either way, let’s hear from you.

I’ve emailed and called the congressman with this question, and unfortunately as of yet have received no reply.

Nicholas Eby

Hood River

HRVHS Homecoming

The Hood River Valley High School homecoming week has come and gone, and what a great week it was! This week is special and brings out participation in so many different types of students. I want to send a special thank you to the generous businesses that donate food or prizes to make this week such a success. Thank you, Rosauers, Safeway, Lilo’s, Dominos, Doppio, Pita Pit, Subway, Bettes, Full Sail, Packers, Los Amigos, Lake Taco, Twin Peaks, Dairy Queen, and First Interstate Bank. Your generosity is greatly appreciated! GO EAGLES!

Lindsy Weseman


Call Walden

Over the last week, the “president” of this country has committed a felony by asking at least one of this nation’s most serious adversaries, with which we are losing a trade war, to become involved in the 2020 election on behalf of that same self-confessed felon, one Donald J. Trump. Two days ago, against all the advice of his military, and against the advice of many Republicans and Democratic members of his administration, he, without warning, betrayed our former allies, the Kurds, who lost 13,000 fighters in Northern Syria, doing the job our own dear leader wouldn’t, by ordering our 1,000 or so troops out of Syria, immediately.

The alleged representative of the citizens of Oregon District 2 has, not surprisingly, remained silent or, at best, tapped his toe and said it’s quite unbecoming for the leader of the country to act that way.

I’m asking every citizen of ORD2 call Walden’s office at 541-776-4646 (Medford) or 202-225-6730 (Washington, D.C.) and ask Walden to support the impeachment inquiries currently in progress, ask Trump to resign before he does even more harm to the country than he already has.

If Walden is unable to find his spine and do the morally right thing, then ask that he resign his seat, effective immediately, so we can elect a Representative willing to fulfill his or her duties to the Constitution of the United States.

Ed Cooper,

Disabled Vietnam veteran

Gold Hill

‘Cell’ emotional

“Cell,” a serious play about immigration by Casandra Medley and directed by Gary Young, turned out to be an emotional experience for Donna and me as we watched it Friday night, Oct. 4, at the Hood River Adult Center Theater. The all-Hispanic cast of Juan Reyes, Viviana Rafalowski, Sonia Marquez and Leticia Valle were superb, as demonstrated by a standing ovation from an overwhelmed audience … some with misty eyes.

Bill Davis

Hood River

Music Festival of the Gorge

The Music Festival of the Gorge committee would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our musicians, sponsors, the City of Hood River, and the Gorge community for coming out and supporting this year’s festival.

Five years after starting this event, the Matt Klee Memorial Fund has raised over $93,000 with our partner Arts in Education of the Gorge. This money is having a daily impact for our students in the Hood River County School District music programs.

This connection to music education is at the heart of our mission, as is our goal of providing an amazing community event at the one-of-a-kind Waterfront Park. With over 2,300 people attending this year, we were also able to provide talented local bands an opportunity to play to a great crowd for a great cause. We think of this as “Local Musicians Growing Local Music.”

We cannot emphasize enough the role our sponsors play. For a list of sponsors, visit

Finally, our committee is made entirely of volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor and/or donating your time and talents, please contact us at We will be back for our sixth year Aug. 21-22, 2020. See you then!

Damon Clegg

Tabitha Colie

Amy Klee

Jen Klee

Markus Norvick

Max Reitz

Andy Roof

Michelle Sibley

Shelley Toon Lindberg

Music Festival of the

Gorge Committee

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Where are the October 16th letters to editor? I don't see them online yet. (posted on 10/17)


Still don't see them 10/18. Do you plan to discontinue this?


10/18 Well this is strange, a friend of mine sent me the link to the 16 OCT LTE's. So IT IS online, just not prominently posted and filed under your letters to the editor section as it is every morning. Why? Folks on both sides of the issue would like to see these. Was this hidden link a mistake or intentional?

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