Open letter to congress

An open letter to the Oregon Congressional Delegation (especially Greg Walden),

Whereas we are a little bit more than a year away from the 2020 Presidential Election;

and given that Donald Trump has, since his time as a candidate, made overtures suggesting that he may not accept the results of an election lost;

and given that he has suggested that he deserves additional terms as president;

and given that he has invited Russia to interfere in our election;

and given that Mitch McConnell has resolutely refused to legislate on behalf of election security (or anything, really);

I am therefore calling on you, as your constituent, to declare in no uncertain terms exactly what you plan to do to ensure a peaceful transfer of power in the event of Donald Trump’s defeat or impeachment and removal.

Benjamin Sheppard

Hood River

Winners not whiners

 I thoroughly agree with Donald Rose’s Sept. 7 letter “Grow Up.”

Disgruntled athletes should protest in more meaningful ways such as daytime and nighttime TV talk shows, but definitely not on the football field, where good sportsmanship should shine and prevail throughout the contest. However, it’s no place for bitter political expression and our youngsters need to learn this and learn it well if they’re to grow up as winners, not whiners.

Bill Davis

Hood River

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