Thanks, Walden
Bothered by robocalls? I am! However, thanks to Congressman Greg Walden, our ringing phones will turn back to providing the information we need.

Last year in the 541-area code, roughly 162.9 million robocalls were placed. On the second to last day of 2019, President Trump signed into law a bill Greg and other legislators helped author, the TRACED Act, which will put an end to illegal robocalls. The legislation will give phone companies and the government new tools to help combat robocalls. The bipartisan law puts consumers first, enabling menacing robocalls to be blocked at no extra cost to the consumer. Thank you, Greg for all you have done for Oregon, etc.
Tom Yates
Hood River
Nice new website City of Hood River!
Samantha Irwin
Hood River
Dog toy warning
The Friday before Christmas my dog, Zeus, starting throwing up any and all food or water he ate or drank. By later on that day he refused to eat or drink. I spent almost every day of the next four days taking Zeus to a veterinarian in either Hood River or The Dalles trying to figure out what the problem was. The most likely cause was an obstruction in his digestive track, but we needed to get an ultrasound done to confirm that and no vet in the local area had the equipment to do that. By the day after Christmas, it was becoming clear that we were either going to have to put him down or go to Portland or Vancouver to get the ultrasound done and if it confirmed there was an obstruction then he would need surgery.
The ultrasound confirmed the obstruction and the surgery was estimated to cost $6,200. The vet who performed the surgery called to tell me Zeus was doing okay and what they had found in his intestine was two separate pieces of rope-like material that looked like it might have come from a rope tug a war pet toy. I immediately remembered playing with such a toy with Zeus a couple of days before all of the trouble started.
My reason for writing this letter is to warn other dog owners about this dangerous pet toy. Just about every store that sells pet supplies has an assortment of rope tug a war toys for sale. The one I bought is called a Mammoth but there are many other brands sold and they all consist of about the same thing, some kind of braided rope-like material that the dog can grab onto with their teeth and pull on while their human pulls the other way. Unfortunately, those pieces of rope can tear off and get swallowed by your dog and do a lot of damage. If you have one, please get rid of it. If you don’t have one, don’t buy one.
Darrell Roberts
‘Brave words’
“Have you no sense of decency?”
These are the brave words finally spoken by Joseph Welch to Joe McCarthy, which started the end to his tyranny over Congress and the American people.
Where is our Joseph Welch? Certainly not Greg Walden or any other Republican that I know of because their sense of decency has long been smothered by their fear of the Trump machine.
Trump ordered the assassination of Gen. Qassim Suleimani of Iran last week without having a plan, without considering the safety of our troops overseas, without consulting our allies or Congress or even the Pentagon.
This was the act of an impulsive, angry, fearful, erratic and dangerous man. There is no evidence of any “imminent threat” from Iran or this general. The only threat so far identified is the threat to Trump of his impeachment and upcoming trial, that he might be held accountable for his own damage to our country.
Trump has brought us to the brink of war with a country that was on the verge of their own internal revolution that would have likely brought them a democracy. His actions have crushed this possibility as they now come together against the U.S.
“Imminent threat?” Sounds familiar? How about WMDs? Where is the proof? Nowhere because this has been the plan of chicken hawks like Pompeo and his pals for decades. Calm things down? They don’t want to calm things down. War IS their goal. Start a fight, the other guy retaliates and then you can blame them for starting it. Are we that stupid? Are our memories that short that we’ll fall for this BS again?
Greg Walden’s statement on the killing shows his typical lack of spine and integrity in his failure to call out Trump’s utter lack of foreign policy, lack of planning and diplomacy. His next job after leaving office better be worth giving up his soul. Trump and the Republican enablers pose a greater threat to our safety, way of life, democracy and our position in the world than Iran ever has.
Have you no sense of decency Mr. Walden?
Susan Lannak
Hood River
Coverage needed
Hello to all the good people of Hood River.  Although I am no longer a resident, I read the Hood River News weekly. One disappointment I have with the Hood River News was its sparse coverage of a sporting event that is a rarity, even in professional sports. That was the perfect game thrown by Eagles pitcher Ryan Gray in April.
These performances are so rare that in over 150 years of MLB play, only 23 have been thrown. I wish the reporter covering the game would have researched how many perfect games, if any, were thrown by anyone in HRVHS history.
An interview with Ryan would have been good to read. This outstanding accomplishment wasn’t even mentioned in the 2019 Sports in Review article. It’s a shame that this talented young man was not given more recognition for his extraordinary performance.
Bob Francis
Orlando, Fla.
Just curious. Driving down Cascade Avenue, I have noticed for quite some time that the Cascade Market building is still empty — after how many years? Did the city not pass some legislation discouraging empty store fronts?
Maria Kollas
Hood River
Editor’s Note: Kollas refers to Ord.  1966 (2009), which sets maintenance and security standards for vacant buildings but does not disallow them. 

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