Crosswalk worries

I am writing this letter because I am very worried about the pedestrian safety on State Street. In the last month, I have witnessed two people get hit by a car at the exact same crosswalk. One of these people was my classmate and friend at Wildwood Academy. As a 12-year-old, these first-hand experiences have been very upsetting and have left me very worried to cross roads downtown.

Both incidences occurred right at the library crosswalk next to the Hood River News parking lot. The first time happened last month in December before our winter break. My friend was trying to cross the road at the crosswalk in front of the library and two cars had stopped but another sped around and hit my classmate, causing serious injuries. The second time, I just witnessed today on Jan. 21 after school in front of the library. A man pressed the light at the crosswalk and cars stopped, then another flew by and hit the man and there was blood and he got a bad head injury.

Now I am worried to cross any roads downtown because it does not seem like people pay attention to the crosswalks and are too much in a hurry. This happened in broad daylight at 3:45 pm.

I feel that it is very unsafe on State Street and I just want something done so that people do not get hit anymore. I am sad and feel very bad about these innocent pedestrians getting hurt and having to go in stretchers to the hospital.

In conclusion, please, if you are driving downtown, go slowly and pay attention. I would love more safety measures in the downtown area of Hood River. Spread the word about driving safety.

Thank you.

Anderson Brunner 

Hood River


I would like to express my thanks to the Westside, Hood River, Wy’East, Parkdale and Mosier Fire Department personnel and volunteers. I smelled smoke in my home Monday morning, called 911 and in one way or another, all of these departments responded. They were all SO kind and considerate. Of course when this happens to you, the most important thing is getting the fire put out, but they were also careful about how much structural damage they had to do to locate the source. They wiped up water, they made sure my dog was out, they helped move vehicles out of harm’s way. Each and every one was wonderful and I am so grateful to live in a such a caring community. It’s been shown to me many times over in the 40 years I’ve lived here. Thank you isn’t enough.

Dana Branson

Hood River


There is one word that describes the reason for the first article of impeachment of Donald J. Trump. That one word says it all — extortion! Trump threatened to withhold congressional approved financial aid to the Ukraine government unless they initiated an investigation into the Biden’s activities in their country.

Does anyone think this is okay for a U.S. president to do? If so, this country is far down the road to hell.

Gary Fields

Hood River

‘Hope floats’

(Title borrowed from a film.)

Thirty-odd years ago, having just said Grace before dinner, and it then being the 7th of December, I solemnly floated the question: “Who knows where Pearl Harbor is?”

“MICHIGAN!” one of my two 9-year-olds shouted. Debate ensued.

Like most citizens, I have been attending the proceedings occurring before the Senate of the United States as it sits in trial of the president. The political geography that I bring to the chamber, as an observer leaning forward in the gallery that is my living room, is that of a Democrat, a Republican and an Independent, having been each at one time or another.

I confess that when it comes to politics, I feel an affinity with Charlie Brown. I confess to being wishy-washy.

On the other hand, there are days when I feel buoyantly assertive. It’s then I recall the cartoon in which Charlie Brown resolved to be “wishy” one day and “washy” the next. And I take heart.

As I type, the Senate is in recess.

Some argue that the Republican Party is in recess. Others assert that a sea change has occurred, a sea change being a profound, fundamental transformation.

Being wishy-washy, I wonder, but not without help.

Recently, in their book about President Trump’s time in office, Pulitzer Prize winning reporters Rucker and Leonnig describe the November 2017 visit of President Trump to Pearl Harbor. Reportedly while attending the memorial of the “Arizona”, up from which oily bubbles from a dead ship with a dead crew still float, the president turned to then White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, and asked, “Hey, John, what’s all this about? What’s this tour of?”

Despite our having a government in which the separation of church and state is hallowed, there is one sanctuary to which all Americans attend knowingly: Arlington, and all the cemeteries and memorials that are an extension thereof.

“What American in his 70s is in recess when it comes to the ‘Arizona’?”

Take heart. Republicans know. Democrats know. Independents know.

Take heart. Hope ... floats.

Robert White

Mt. Hood-Parkdale

‘2020 Census has started’

On Jan. 21, the official 2020 Census count began in the rural Alaskan village of Toksook Bay, where villagers are hunkered down for winter. Later in the year, they scatter for hunting and are nearly impossible to contact and count.

Every 10 years, the Constitution calls for the counting of every person, citizen or not. People! By law, details are stored for 70 years. No other governmental departments can use these details. None! Only statistics generated from the count are utilized by businesses, state and local governments, universities and you, the citizen.

March 12-20, households across the nation will receive information explaining how you can be counted. Report your Census information online, by phone or by mail. Remember, this information is stored for 70 years.

For the last few months, Census recruiters like myself have been contacting people in Hood River to recruit Census Takers. In May and June, Census Takers will be going door to door in Hood River, visiting homes that have not responded and to make sure everyone is counted.

If you can work full time, part time, evenings or weekends, you will earn a competitive hourly wage and millage for driving your car. Please go online to and sign up.

Join our team to help keep Hood River classrooms small, the sheriffs on duty and local government services open.

You can make a difference!

George Selleck


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