‘Alarm or accolade’

Most know that American embassies are guarded by United States Marines.

And most assume that the Marines’ “Oorah” is an expression of enthusiasm.

Few, however, are aware that at least one writer dates “Oorah” to the Korean War, when one member of a squad of Marines bunched up at the ladder of a submarine while awaiting the hatch to crack so that they could climb on deck and then drop into rubber boats for a behind enemy lines reconnaissance sounded out what he deemed to simulate the alarm of the sub’s klaxon.

And so, this morning, while listening to the second impeachment inquiry hearing and upon learning not only that Ambassador Yovanovitch’s first posting as a young Foreign Service officer was to Mogadishu (reminiscent of “Black Hawk Down”), but also that on two subsequent postings she found herself caught in the crossfire of two firefights, there was nothing for it but to get off the couch, fling open the front door and, whether as accolade or alarm, “OORAH! OORAH!  OORAH!” to the world at large.

 Robert White

Mt. Hood-Parkdale

‘Latin to everyone’

My educated, conservative, libertarian friend keeps telling me that I do not truly know what is going on in the U.S. or the world because I only get my news from one source. Translation — I get my news from many sources, but rarely is Fox News one of them. I keep reminding him I watch Fox on occasion, but I am often disappointed by the lack of knowledge and demeanor of the commentators.

Last week, I watched Steve Doocy on Fox News while he spoke with the Washington Times opinion editor Charles Hurt about the impeachment hearings. Mr. Hurt strongly stated there was no quid pro quo regarding President Trump’s dealings with Ukraine. The Democrats were just using “squirrely words” because they could not find anything wrong. He then stated, “I don’t even know what that means, really. I don’t know what language quid pro quo is.” Steve Doocy, the expert Fox host, responded by saying “It’s Latin, okay. It’s Latin to everybody. People don’t understand that.”

The term “quid pro quo” had been on every news network source for weeks leading up to last week’s Fox show. In fact, Fox pays Steve Doocy $4 million to know what quid pro quo means along with everything else an expert is supposed to know to do his particular job.

Fox News is supposed to be the only unbiased, honest news network in the U.S. Everyone viewing that broadcast should have been disappointed and felt disrespected by the silliness and lack of informed discussion during Mr. Doocy’s show.

Fox News appears determined to keep its viewers uninformed about U.S. law, and in the dark about our national security and President Trump’s repeated abuses of power. Fortunately, there are many great patriots who do care about their sworn duty to uphold the Constitution.

Steve Kaplan

Hood River

Coup before our eyes

My fellow Americans, to you who really love God and country, this is a must-read for you. Our very foundation, “the Constitution,” is under attack. This is not just about Trump, but the office of the president of the United States.

Here is the dictionary definition of a coup: “A coup-d’état, also known by its German name putsch, or simply as a coup, is the overthrow of an existing government by non-democratic means; typically, it is an illegal, unconstitutional seizure of power by a dictator, the military, or a political faction.”

Political faction: Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Adam Schiff, and the rest of the progressive liberals’ gang that have taken over the Democrat party. Destroying the office started mostly with Hound Dawg Clinton (having sex with an intern under his desk in the Olive Office of the president, destroying the reputation our presidents once had, the most powerful position in the world).

Then came the tearful, apologetic Obama, bowing and crying to the leaders of the world, asking forgiveness for America becoming the greatest world power the world has ever seen. Oh yes, let us not forger the First Lady (Michelle) crying to the world that America never was great. Now their final drive to do away with the office of the president or at least make it just a mouthpiece for them. (They think they should be the ones making all the decisions for our country.)

They have completely destroyed the office of the president of the United States. After this farce of an impeachment is over, what world leader would even talk to our president. Knowing that everything was being recorded and would be exposed to the world.

Yes, I would say that we are seeing a coup right before our eyes, but most Americans have closed their eyes to the truth.

Mike Harrington

Hood River


It’s refreshing and encouraging that our political leaders can work together (“Making a difference” Nov. 13). The letter mentioned the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis (TB) and Malaria, where our bi-partisan leaders agreed to help support it for another 3 years.

It’s worth noting that about 50 percent of U.S. exports are purchased by developing countries. When their economies are stronger, so are we. Every $1 invested in the Global Fund spurs $19 in economic returns and health gains. And did I mention that less one half of 1 percent of our federal budget goes to global health? (theglobalfight.org) Imagine what The Global Fund could do with more support!

So, thank you, Hood River News, for bringing these issues to light. Now we, the people, can make a difference by making sure we are registered to vote and to vote.

Donna Schindler Munro

Bremerton, Wash.


Several questions are raised concerning the article, “HR Council declares climate crisis,” in the Hood River News on Nov. 16, 2019. The article states that Lyric Emmons said, “The science behind climate change is clear, and there is more than enough to support (the resolution).”

The question to Lyric Emmons and the city council is this:

Exactly what truthful evidence supports her statement? Did the city council ask for the evidence? If not, why not?

I think that we who live in Hood River and will be affected by this action need to know the actual basis of the statement and the action.

Donald Rose

Hood River

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