‘Murder Ballad’
Wow, please go see Murder Ballad presented by CGOA, it is really spectacular! I just saw the first show and am so impressed with the quality of the actors and of the lighting and choreography and the setting! These four talented actors have wonderful magic with each other, and we get to see it in this single act piece of art. Don’t miss it, I’m glad I got to see it! Way to go people! Many thanks to River City Saloon, it’s a perfect setting!
Jules Burton
Hood River

Set an example
I am begging, with the utmost respect, for the person who alters the sign of the Missionary Baptist Church to stop. Property of any religious organization should be respected by everyone regardless of personal beliefs. If we cannot find a way to be tolerant, how can we expect tolerance from others?

In addition, many children see the sign daily and do not need to see profanity. That is just respect for your community.
I despise the messages on the church’s sign as much as anyone and have to drive by it several times a day. The religious group which pays to manage and occupy that property has every right to put information on their sign regardless of the message. First Amendment rights apply to everyone, or to no one. I prefer the former.
If you want to get more involved in fighting hate and prejudice, consider joining a local group like Invisible.org or others whose focus is to demand higher standards from public officials.
On a personal level, why would you risk arrest to modify the sign? The parking lot is mostly empty on Sundays. It seems the person giving the sign the most thought is you. Peace.
Steve Kaplan
Hood River
Cougar attack unlikely
I don’t want to diminish any fear you might be experiencing about cougars roaming our neighborhoods. However, it is important to state how few times in the past 100 years in North America there are documented fatalities from being attacked by these animals. According to Wikipedia (I Googled “list of fatal cougar attacks in North America”), there are 27 documented fatalities. That’s 27 deaths over 100 years, amongst hundreds of millions people. Doing the math, it looks like the odds of a cougar attack on humans are so low they are almost non-existent.

While it is important for our local newspapers and law enforcement officials to alert us to the presence of these animals and to be prudent outdoors, they should also be careful to not alarm us to a threat that basically is not there.
Avery Hoyt
White Salmon
RINOs disgust
In Mr. Kaplan’s Oct. 2 letter, “Magic Man,” he said there are 30 GOP senators who would indeed vote to impeach the president. I believe he’s referring to the ever despicable and spineless RINOs (Republicans in Name Only).

For many years now, these gutless wonders have earned the immense disgust and contempt from conservative Republicans all across the nation. And for good reason: RINOs have joined the D.C. insiders within the deep state swamp, doing big favors for big shots who can pay big buck.
What about getting some things done for all those conservative voters who helped them get into office?
Bill Davis
Hood River
‘A huge hoax’
Concerning Annabel Hawley’s Letter to the Editor, “Climate change is real” (Oct. 2), I comment:

1. I agree that climate change is real. It has changed many times in the past, but was not caused by man.
2. She writes, “Mac Morano … has no science expertise and no degree in science.” One needs to be able to search for and compile the truth, which March is very capable of doing and has been doing from those who do have expertise in science.
3. Concerning the 97 percent consensus of climate scientists, Lawrence Solomon in the National Post, reported an online survey of 10,257 earth scientists. They chose to highlight a subgroup of 77 scientists, 75 of whom thought humans contribute to climate change. This ratio produces the “97 percent consensus;” 75 out of 10,257 is only 0.0073 percent. True science is not done by consensus, it’s done by obtaining reliable and accurate data. So, the 97 percent is an outright lie!
4. She questions my quote, “Many of the dire predictions have not occurred.” To find evidence supporting this, check cimatedepot.com, “doomsday predictions.” This produces a list that climate alarmists got wrong. The list is 27 of these from 1967 to 2014, none of which occurred. This is a very serious problem for credibility for man-caused climate change!
So, man-caused climate change is a huge hoax!
Donald Rose
Hood River
Editor’s note: Lawrence Solomon is the executive director of Energy Probe, a consumer and environmental research team, and his article, “75 climate scientists think humans contribute to global warming,” was published on the National Post website on Dec. 30, 2010; the survey was conducted by the University of Illinois and the results were published in January 2009.
Unnecessary county work
I am curious who else in the county just had their road resurfaced when it seemed unnecessary(?).

Willow Flat Road had been patched a few months ago in a way that seemed to do the job but then in the last month was completely repaved, a job that took a week it seemed.
And the job was apparently done by private (hired) contractors; one of them knocked on our door to see if we wanted then to use some material that would otherwise go to waste to partially cover our driveway. The cost for 50 feet or so was $2,500, and we said no, but this made me think the entire job must have cost a fortune.
Can someone give us information on how many feet of road was just repaved, how much it cost and whether or not we used any of our county’s workforce on the project to save some of our money.
I write because I just read a Hood River News story about how the county is running out of money.
Bob Williams
Hood River
Need to make changes now
Climate change is not one of those things to work on later. It is happening now, not 30 years from now. In 2028, the year I will graduate from high school, scientists are predicting that heat waves will occur. Heat waves are long periods of time of extremely hot or cold weather.

Here are some things that are happening because of climate change: Category 5 hurricanes are developing more often, ice caps are melting faster at the poles, the ocean is getting warmer and more acidic destroying coral reefs and endangering fish populations.
I think it’s really cool that two-thirds of the world uses renewable energy. Right now, the U.S. uses 19.1 percent of renewable energy. Our goal should be to use 100 percent renewable energy by 2025.

It is hurting me that some people don’t care. My generation has to grow up in climate change and adults and older people will not have to deal with it. My generation will not live in good conditions because of climate change.
So, you need to take care of the planet for future generations. What I am going to do is fight for electric school buses. They are better for the planet. Don’t forget to fight for what you believe in.
Help the planet here are some ways you can help:
  • Plant more trees in your garden   
  • Use an electric car
  • Pick up trash                                                       
  • Choose 100 percent renewable energy in your home      
  • Use your bike as much as you can                           
  • Install solar panels to your house
Olivia O’Shea, age 9
Hood River
Editor’s note: The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates that, in 2018, approximately 17 percent of electricity generated at utility-scale facilities in the U.S. was from renewable energy sources. The News was unable to find more recent data by press time.

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